Big Name Acts Cancel SeaWold Shows After 'Blackfish' But Do They Really Care About the Cause?

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Busch Gardens is scrounging to save their "Bands, Brew & BBQ" concert scheduled for this weekend after its sister park, SeaWorld, got caught with fishy laundry in the new documentary Blackfish , released in October.

The documentary, which explores the possible animal cruelty caused by SeaWorld by keeping killer whales in captivity for the park's entertainment purposes, has attracted some serious attention to the park's questionable activity. It has caused so much controversy that social media users have launched campaigns urging the concert's scheduled performers to back out of this weekend's concert in protest. So far, it's been working.

Ten of the 14 music artists scheduled to appear throughout the concert have called it quits, including the Beach Boys, Willie Nelson, and Pat Benatar. SeaWorld is left with Alan Jackson, Justin Moore, Scotty McCreery, and Kid Rock, all of which have yet to bail on this sad, sad, scene. Are you thinking what we're thinking? Because we barely recognize any of those names now, anyway.

While we'll leave Busch Gardens with it's less-than-thrilling lineup, we also must question the excuses of the performers that have already cancelled. While they all cite the inappropriateness of performing following the Blackfish controversy as their reason for calling it quits, we wonder whether their efforts are sincere or if they are just following the trendy wave. Let's take a look.

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