Did Annalise Raise Wes? 'How To Get Away With Murder' Introduced His Mom & Complicated His Storyline

Shonda Rhimes' shows are officially back and you know what that means: Complete and utter chaos. For example, the mystery of Wes' childhood and mom continues on How To Get Away With Murder thanks to some confusing drug-induced hallucinations that left me wondering: Who raised Wes? Did Annalise? Did his real mom? Who even is his real mom? We've ruled Annalise out, right? MAYBE, BUT WHO KNOWS BECAUSE SHONDALAND IS CRAZY. Hi, that's the inside of my head after an episode of HTGAWM, I apologize for letting it out.

Anyway, I am confused about Wes' childhood, because Annalise seemingly imagined Wes' mom giving Annalise a baby to raise. Of course, Annalise was on a lot of painkillers, so she could have made the whole thing up in her mind. But, also, we saw a 10-year flashback that revealed Annalise was pregnant at some point (or faking it, who honestly even knows anything at this point, nothing is real), and she met up with Wes' mom who was still happily raising Wes, it seemed. That said, when Rose (Wes' mom, maybe, probably) pointed her son out to Annalise on the playground, Rose didn't call him by name leaving the window open for that to have been Wes, Christophe, or some random other kid, IDK.

But, if Rose's kid was Wes, who raised him after Rose died? Were Annalise's fever dreams a hint that she took over as his adoptive mother for a portion of time? Maybe she reduced his age to a baby in her hallucinations, but in real life she cared for him for awhile until he was placed in another home. Maybe her dreams were indicative of her guilt over not keeping Wes forever and letting his adoptive family eventually raise him. Or maybe she was sad she wasn't brought Wes sooner and wasn't able to watch him grow from an infant.

It's all very complicated, so hopefully all the answers will be revealed soon. And, if I know Shonda, "soon" will likely be the finale. Enjoy the second half of Season 2, everyone, it's already setting off to be a wild ride.

Image: Gilles Mingasson/ABC