Jade Roper Has A Pretty Cool Post-'Bachelor' Job

The adorable Bachelor in Paradise sweethearts Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert are taking their love all the way down the aisle. The cute couple's Jan. 24 wedding will be featured during The Bachelor At 20: A Celebration Of Love on ABC Sunday night. But, as it's been a while since they've graced our TV screens, you might be wondering what they've been up to since their Bachelor days. Well, for starters Jade just got a pretty cool job. The reality star launched her own cosmetics brand Naturally Jade Cosmetics in 2015. The makeup line, which currently consists of lip glosses, is all-natural, organic, vegan, and cruelty-free, according to the company website. Not only that — the site says that one dollar from every product purchased is donated to Festival of Hope, a non-profit that helps women with cancer pay for non-medical expenses.

"We wanted to do chemical-free, all-natural makeup that was sensitive enough for women undergoing chemotherapy, that they could wear and not have to worry about any other chemical getting into their bodies and compromising their immune systems," Jade told Fortune in an interview last year about the company. "But, also, just beautiful makeup that everyone would want to wear."

However, the company doesn't seem to be too active on social media these days, with its last post on Instagram being in October 2015, and the website seems to be currently offline (as of Feb. 14), displaying this message when you visit the homepage.

Store UnavailableThis store is currently unavailable due to maintenance. It should be available again shortly.We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Find out more about Jade's post-Bachelor In Paradise endeavors below:

Jade's Background

Jade's creation of Naturally Jade actually comes from her former job as a hospital phlebotomist (a medical professional who specializes in drawing blood) and her studies in culinary school, according to Fortune. "The way makeup and baking works, it’s just taking two ingredients, knowing what they are chemically when they break down, how they mix, what happens and what the reaction is," she shared with the magazine.

The Idea

Also according to the magazine, Jade originally had the idea with a friend in 2013, but then the friend moved away and no longer wanted to pursue the idea — so Jade went all in.

"I wanted to make a lip gloss that's not only safe for you to wear, but that's gentle on the skin as well," she said in a video interview with Girl Get Glamorous (above). "I used to work in a hospital with a lot of cancer patients. I saw their journey from coming in, getting better, and some people not. It really touched me and I really wanted to do something that gave back."

Naturally Jade's Ingredients

The makeup brand promises to truly keep it natural and the ingredients list on the company website includes a list of chemicals they don't use. The site says Naturally Jade uses "pure, natural therapeutic botanicals and high-quality exotic oils known for ages to nourish and pamper skin."

Jade explained to Fortune how important the ingredients were to her, and how it was tough to find a company who could produce it the way she wanted. "It was really difficult to find someone who would make a product 100 percent chemical-free and if they could, they couldn’t guarantee it wouldn’t have traces because the equipment they were using was making makeup with chemicals," Jade told Fortune. "I ended up finding a small boutique laboratory that only works with makeup companies that are making organic makeup. I found them in Montreal and they’ve been able to manufacture my cosmetics."

What's Available & Where To Buy

Naturally Jade has three shades of lip gloss: Cherry Red, Pink Wisteria, and Sunrise. They were recently available for purchase on the company website — individual lip gloss was priced at $9.99 and a three-pack at $28.99. But, the site is still down as of Feb. 14.

Jade On Shark Tank?

With a brand on the rise and an ABC connection, naturally Jade would think about bringing Naturally Jade to Shark Tank, right? Actually, she doesn't think she's ready to face the sharks just yet. "You know it’s funny, one of the producers for The Bachelor is a producer on Shark Tank, and he was talking to me about it," she told Fortune. "Maybe next year, when I have a little bit more sales, so they don’t eat me alive."

The Future

Jade also told Girl Get Glamorous she hopes to expand the brand to have more makeup available, starting with more for lips (like lipstick) and more shades. But as mentioned above, the social media for Naturally Jade hasn't been updated since October 2015 and the site isn't working as of now. But, Jade's also been busy — you know, finding love with Tanner on Bachelor in Paradise , planning a wedding, and according to a recent IG post, buying land where she and Tanner will build a brand-new home in Kansas City.

So, maybe when life settles down a bit she'll be back to creating more fun products!

Image: Matt Petit/ABC