Adele's Definition Of Power Is Inspirational

It's official. Adele will forever be one of the most successful, inspiring, and beautiful celebrities to have ever existed. Really, I am truly thankful to be able to get to know her through her music and interviews. She is beyond delightful and empowering. For example, during an interview as the cover star for Vogue's March 2016 issue, Adele talked about her definition of power. Basically, if you're a young woman or know of a young woman in need of a role model, always and forever look to the 27-year-old talented singer.

Adele got candid about how she used to see power. As she's gotten older, her views of power have changed significantly — and for good reason. She said,

I used to define power by age. Respecting your elders and authority figures, like police and teachers. People who kind of told you what to do. I think it's important to listen to that, but now that's kind of bullsh*t, really. I kind of define power now by having the confidence to make your own decisions, to not be swayed by other people, and be brave and fearless to know that, even if you do make the wrong decision, you made it for a good reason.

What's more powerful than taking your life into your own hands, following your heart, and making your dreams come true? Yes, sometimes you'll make mistakes along the way, but knowing you did it for yourself without the influence of outside forces is truly powerful. Clearly, Adele knows about all of that. I mean, look at her now. She's one the most successful and praised talents worldwide. She is living life right.

Obviously, she's not perfect, which is something Adele copped to in her Vogue interview. She admitted to making quick decisions and rushing into things without thinking. That said, she's never regretted anything, because not only do you learn from your mistakes, but it's also a great feeling to know you have power over your choices. "I'm ballsy. I have guts. I'm not afraid of anyone. I think that makes you feel powerful. The only person I'm afraid of is myself."

So, next time anyone tells you how or when to do something, just reflect on Adele's definition of power. Then, say, "I'm ballsy. I have guts. I'm not afraid of anyone."