Is "30 Hours" A Clue About 'TLOP's Release Date?

Seriously, can someone find Kanye West and tell him it's time to go down for a nap? On Friday, Kanye expanded The Life Of Pablo track list, literally the day that it's supposed to be out. Or, rather, the day after it was supposed to be out. I don't even necessarily mean this in a bad way, but the dude is out of his mind. I can barely stay up-to-date on the name of this album, and he's tweaking it up until the very last second, dropping clues that suggest it might be another 30 hours before we see this supposed masterpiece. Mama's tired, Kanye. Please just sit still for a moment.

Kanye has added six songs since tweeting what he referred to as the "final" track list on Feb. 10, which was already vastly different from the one he'd tweeted on Jan. 25, back when that I analyzed back when the album was still called SWISH . I've already almost forgotten that it was called WAVES in between. So what I'm saying is that it's been a long road since the announcement of this album, and it seems like we might still have some pavement left to walk. People are wondering whether the release of Kanye's new song "30 Hours" is a hint that The Life Of Pablo will be released not today, as promised, but 30 hours from now. I'm not a conspiracy theorist or anything, but the timing would work out pretttttty well for it to fall directly after Kanye's appearance as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live's Feb. 13 episode.

However, if there's one thing I've learned by this point, it's that speculating about what Kanye will or won't do will get me nowhere. Instead, I'll just focus on the only thing that makes sense anymore: what was actually added to the album in between the two most recent track lists.

It looks like there are six additional tracks, including Track 6: "Low Lights," which is probably meant to correspond with "High Lights;" Track 9: "I Miss The Old Kanye;" Track 13: "Silver Surfer Intermission," who knows on this one; Track 14: "30 Hours," which appears to be about Amber Rose; Track 15: "No More Parties in LA," which was on earlier versions of the track list and is now back; and Track 16: "Facts: Charlie Heat Version." But, considering how many changes Kanye has been making to this album ahead of its release, who knows what other surprises are in store from the artist.