Who Is Kanye West's "30 Hours" About? The Ex Mentioned Might Not Be The One You Think — LISTEN

You might think that posting a controversial Twitter rant in the middle of New York Fashion Week while the world was waiting for your album would be enough to tire someone out, but Kanye West just released a song called "30 Hours," which is one of the new songs that have been added to The Life of Pablo track list ahead of the album's Friday release. I get up to take a shower and I've burned all my motivation for the day, but Kanye is just gonna go and drop a full song hours after calling out Taylor Swift in a Twitter rant? I don't know how he does this, but I guess hold onto your butts. The song is called "30 Hours," a title that seems to refer to the length of time he once to go see an ex-girlfriend — the question is, which ex-girlfriend is Kanye's "30 Hours" about? My first instinct is Amber Rose, since Kanye has been squaring off with her lately on social media, especially with lines like this one:

My ex says she gave me the best years of her life I saw a recent picture of her I guess she was right

Oof. Whichever of his former romantic interests this song is about, it's rough. It's great you're married, and I'm real happy for you, Kanye, but you need to take a good hard look at the way you talk to the women from your past, because this is gross. However, there are other lyrics in the song that make me question whether or not "30 Hours" is really about Amber Rose.

I used the Western Union for you like it's no probCause you was in college complainin' about it's no jobsBut you were suckin' a n***a's d**k the whole timeWell I guess a blowjob's better than no job

The clue here is that whoever it is was in college while they were together, and, based on my research into Kanye West's dating history, it seems like that could only be Brooke Crittendon, who attended Syracuse University. There's no record of Amber Rose having attended college, but who knows? Kanye could just be throwing different details in there to combine a bunch of different people into one; at the end of the day, I think the only line we can really trust is:

You had me driving far enough to switch the time zoneYou was the best of all time at the time thoughYou wasn't mine thoughBut I still drove 30 hours

I wasted some of my time plugging different locations into Google Maps for driving times between them, and the major ones like Chicago to Syracuse, or L.A. to Pittsburgh, where Amber Rose is from, don't work. This is the only one that got close at all is L.A. to Chicago.

So who knows what that 30-hour drive is about? Regardless of who this song is sneakily referencing, it's disrespectful in a major way. Kanye seems determined not to learn his lesson when it comes to being respectful toward women, and that doesn't look likely to change anytime soon. Here's the song in its entirety below, if you want to take a listen for yourself.

Image: Google