Kanye Knows You "Miss The Old Kanye"

At this point, it shouldn't shock anyone when Kanye West does something "shocking." More or less, since the infamous George Bush incident of 2005 when, while participating in a telethon to raise money for victims of the Hurricane Katrina devastation, he bravely declared that then-president George W. Bush "doesn't care about black people," the public quickly began to learn that West's M.O. is off-the-cuff and often unhinged public statements. Of course, times have changed since then, and West now has a plethora of platforms, including Twitter, at his disposal with which to express his controversial opinions. Longtime fans of the rapper have often expressed that they "miss the old Kanye..." you know, the one who simply lived to make great music and inspire us all. And West finally proved that he's in on the joke... so in on it, that he named a song after it literally called "I Miss The Old Kanye."

Lately, West has been as riled up as ever, and it's honestly easy to think he might be so out of touch with reality at this point that these publicity stunts are truly rational in his own mind. For all his talents, one thing West seems to lack is self-awareness. As we slowly gain access to all of the tracks on his latest album, The Life Of Pablo , fans will be relieved to know that West is in on the joke.

On a track called "Feedback," West raps:

And, yes, he's also got a song on the album actually called "I Miss the Old Kanye." Oh, Kanye. Not surprisingly, people have thoughts about this.

True, That


He Didn't Say What Kind Of Gospel...

Kanye Would Certainly Agree Here

Dare To Dream


Truer Words Were Never Tweeted

He Gets It, Guys.

Well, fans, worry not. Clearly, Kanye hears you.

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