Fans Are Losing It Over Kylie Jenner's Nail Polish

by May Sofi

In case you have been too distracted catching up on all the amazingness that went down at Yeezy Season 3 last night, you might have missed some more Kardashian/Jenner related news that broke today. Kylie Jenner is launching a nail polish line (!!!) with Sinful Colors! It may not be part of Kylie Cosmetics, but it marks the first step towards the expansion of her makeup empire — and people are really excited.

First came the news of a Valentine's Day Lip Kit collection, then she announced that Lip Kits by Kylie will be stocked on the regular, and now she has blessed up with not one, but three lacquer collections?! This is too much for my heart to handle! I can't wait to get my hands on these babies.

Judging by the massive popularity of her signature lippies, which have sold out in just minutes three times in a row, her next beauty product launch is sure to be wildly successful. What's next? Contour kits? Brow liners? It's safe to say that the littlest Jenner is taking the beauty world by storm.

It seems that KJ has broken the Internet yet again, because die-hard Jenner fans have been taking to Twitter all day to express their excitement for the new Kylie-curated polishes. Who can blame them? These products sure are pretty.

Yep, I think this warrants a total twitter meltdown. Check out the following tweets, which pretty much some up the crazy fandom frenzy over Jenner's polish line with the brand.

People got a little spiritual. #Blessed.

Some are even foreshadowing their credit card debt.

Hearts are breaking from the excitement.

There is a lot of fan support.

Some can't even believe their ears.

And then there is just all-around excitement.