Hiddles Devastates In 'The Night Manager' Trailer

AMC's miniseries starring Tom Hiddleston called The Night Manager is almost here, and I'm gonna tell you right now that I hope they made him the guy we're supposed to root for, because there's no chance this is going any other way. I consider myself to be an intelligent human being, and I typically empathize with the correct character in movies and TV shows, but I have a blind spot for Tom Hiddleston about a mile wide. (Actually it's about a Tom Hiddleston wide, if I'm being totally accurate.) So the trailer for The Night Manager is right up my alley.

The blurb from AMC about the six-part miniseries describes a modern-day reinvention of the John le Carré novel of the same name that follows a retired British soldier named Jonathan Pine — that's Tom Hiddleston's character — who's recruited by a CIA-sounding organization to get close to corrupt businessman Richard Onslow Roper, played by Hugh Laurie. But, in order to do that, and to destroy the partnership Roper is trying to forge between the worlds of espionage and black market arms dealing, Pine has to become a criminal himself. (!!!!!)

So, basically, what you're telling me is that Tom Hiddleston will be playing a good guy disguised as a bad guy, but that he'll be so deep undercover that he'll probably cross the line a few times and do things that are legitimately bad? Hope you're prepared for me to side with him no matter what. Including in every single one of these moments from the trailer.

1. This One

2. When Hugh Laurie Looked The Sketchiest Ever

3. When Just Kidding, He Looks Even Sketchier Here, Seen Through A Briefcase Of Money

4. And Even Sketchier Here Reveling In The Destruction He Hath Wrought

5. And Standing Fully Upright In A Moving Boat Being Clutched By Elizabeth Debicki... Def Still On Hiddles' Side

6. When He Had This Expression On His Face

7. Oop, Nope, Just Kidding, It's This One

8. When He SWAM

9. When His Lips Were Like 'Hey What's Up Hello'

10. When He's About To Smooch Hugh Laurie's Lady But I'm Sure He Doesn't Mean It

11. When Truly, This Must Be The Creepiest Hugh Laurie Has Ever Looked

12. When He's Blurrily Fighting A Man But I Know It's All A Misunderstanding

13. When No One Has Ever Looked More Appealing With A Light Sheen Of Sweat

14. When Those Baby Blues Saw Right Through You

Ooh baby. Tune in on Apr. 19 at 10 p.m. to see if I'm able to objectively watch this miniseries, or just gape like an idiot at the screen and clap every time Tom Hiddleston comes on. (Spoiler alert: it's the second one.)

Images: AMC (14)