7 Women Tell Us About Their First Major Fashion Splurge

There's something about a new purse or a new pair of boots that can truly transform your mood. Although it's pretty easy to get a quick fix for this feeling with some fast fashion, it's the bigger purchases that we really remember — and that can totally upgrade a closet. This is why we all remember our first big fashion splurge. These are the pieces that we lusted after, saved for, and that gave us that first taste of luxury. The items themselves were notable, but even more than that we remember the satisfaction of buying something special for ourselves. That first investment piece was a landmark of growing up, and just as much a symbol of independence as personal style.

I distinctly remember my first pair of designer jeans in middle school. They were a dark indigo wash and flared at the hem, naturally. All of a sudden, casual dressing had seriously leveled up. I felt a little more sophisticated and they definitely put some extra confidence in my walk to homeroom. When I bought my first fancy designer bag as a freshman in college, every outfit I paired it with felt instantly elevated. And because I had paid for it myself, it meant I was truly committed.

In partnership with Nordstrom (site of many a first splurge) here are the stories of seven Bustle womens' first major purchases. Prepare for all the nostalgic feels and some definite treat yourself inspo.

"My first big splurge was on a really nice day dress. Honestly, it was just last year, so I was 25. Up until then I was just never able to pull the trigger on something so expensive for myself. I bought the dress to celebrate that I was in a place in life where I felt confident in investing in something I usually would admire from afar. When I bought it, it felt like I had done something that was very adult, and I had spent my hard earned money on something to treat myself." — Jordan

"On my birthday every year, I honor a tradition I started when I was 15: I give myself a splurge worthy present. When I was 15 the splurge was my first designer handbag. Every year since, I’ve carried on the tradition. The gift was started with the idea of not waiting for anyone to give me the things I wanted but making sure I knew I was capable of fulfilling my own dreams.” — Zahra

"My grandma was a grand old lady; she loved red lipstick, perfume, silk scarves, and diamond jewelry you could see from 10 feet away. I loved her style, and scarves seemed like the most accessible way to attain that Old World elegance. The first time I finally bit the bullet and got myself a French silk scarf, I tried tying it in a dozen different ways in front of the mirror before I could get out of the house. Scarves are still one of my favorite splurges because they're an easy way to liven up an otherwise plain outfit." — Bianca

"When I was about 18 I bought myself a pair of black leather boots for around $300. I had been eyeing them for a while and it seemed like someone was wearing them in every magazine I picked up and on every website I had bookmarked. I was so in love with them that I even had dreams where I would wear them and be the president of my own company. So instead of depositing some money I had gotten from my relatives for my birthday, I bought the boots. How could I not? I still have them and I still love them." — Hannah

"I got my first pair of designer jeans when I was 25 and I flipped out over them because I never realized that denim could be that soft. I've worn them so many times that they're practically translucent at this point, but I keep them in my dresser because I can't bear to get rid of them. Maybe it's weird, but they're my reminder that it's worth spending a little more on yourself sometimes." — Kelsea

"The first thing I splurged on was a nice pair of jeans in high school. Like a lot of women, I've always had trouble finding jeans that fit. A friend of mine talked me into spending $50 of my hard-earned babysitting money on a pair of black skinny jeans. My mom thought it was such a frivolous use of my money that I stressed about whether or not to return them, but they held up for years." — Emily

"I was on my way back from my first-ever solo trip, which was during my freshman year as a foreign exchange student in France. Feeling a newfound sense of independence (and having leftover Euros burning a hole in my pocket), I thought I'd treat myself to some really nice shoes that would have me looking as grown-up and worldly as I felt at the time. The best part about this splurge was that even though they were the highest quality, most form-fitting, goes-with-everything pair of shoes I've ever owned, I didn't feel a need to be so precious with them because they were crafted for everyday wear. To me, they were a symbol of French fashion in general: never overdone, but always put-together." — Elly

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