11 Micro Couples Tattoos That Are Subtle & Unique

When you’re in a committed relationship, sharing your love for each other with the world in the form of a couples tattoo might seem like a good idea. But from my experiences, micro couples tattoos (and all joint ink, for that matter) often get a bad reputation, being dubbed a curse that can lead to any relationship’s demise. Or just deemed tacky. I won’t lie. I once thought the same thing. But a quick search for #couplestattoos on Instagram can usually prove to any doubter that couples tattoos are growing in popularity among Millennials. And it's a trend that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Some of today’s couples are even taking things up a notch and getting tattoo wedding bands.

While they're a far cry from subtle, matching couples tattoos can be beautiful and sentimental pieces of body art to share with your significant other. They can celebrate your union in a unique way as a personalized tribute to the time spent together with your partner.

Maybe you’re into the idea of getting a matching tat with bae, but want something more creative than getting inked with each other’s names, though. If you’re looking for matching tattoos that can stand the test of time (and that won’t get sick of in a few years) check out some of these winning micro designs.

1. Wall-E

Take a cue from one of the best animated couples ever (IMHO), and jazz things up with loving robots. For the couple that brings out each other's sense of youthfulness, this tattoo will capture the adorable bond shared between Wall-E and Echo.

2. Voice Recordings

A super unique tattoo a couple can get is sound waves of each other’s voices. No two sound waves will look exactly the same and the memory of getting a meaningful recording inked on might make the process even more special.

3. Wheel & Compass Ring

Matching wheel and compass tattoos are a sign that a couple will always guide and find their way back to each other no matter what. They can also symbolize the notion that your lives have gained a clearer sense of direction since you and your partner have been together. These tattoos can even be used in place of conventional wedding bands!

4. Fingerprint

Similar to a sound wave recording, everyone has unique fingerprints, making it super easy to customize a fingerprint heart design like this one for you and your partner. To me, the meaning behind this tattoo is that every fingerprint is different, just like every type of love or relationship is its own.

5. PB&J

Nothing says "together forever" like matching tattoos of peanut butter and jelly. A classic like this will never go out of style and is perfect for the playful couple with a sense of humor.

6. Puzzle

If you’ve found the missing piece to your puzzle, this tattoo is a no-brainer. Get it on your ankle or forearm — somewhere the design can really pop.

7. Sun & Moon

For the couple that is always on each other’s minds and can’t seem to live without the other, the sun and moon are ideal symbols. These designs can also suggest that you and your partner are like night and day, and that opposites really do attract.

8. Anchor

Matching anchors can also make for a solid couples tattoo. Minimal and simplistic in design, these tats are anything but flashy and pack a lot of powerful meaning. For many, anchors represent stability and can also symbolize how you and your partner keep each other grounded.

9. Quote

Pay homage to your relationship and time spent together with a quote that captures something important to you and your partner. It could be a funny saying or something sentimental. When it comes to quotes like this, the possibilities are endless — making it one of the best micro tattoos to truly make your own.

10. King & Queen

For any couple that treats the other like royalty, matching king and queen card tattoos might not be a bad idea. Definitely more on the traditional side, everyone will know what these matching tattoos mean.

11. Lock & Key

If you know everything there is to know about your partner and hold the metaphorical key to their heart, a matching lock and key tattoo will be timeless. IMO, it's much better than any lock and key-shaped jewelry.

Couples tattoos don't have to be cheesy. They don't even have to be flashy. Sometimes, it's the little things that count.

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Image: littlebuddyink/Instagram