Awesome Wedding Ring Tattoos For Quirky Couples

Having been engaged for a few years now, I have put quite some thought into my future wedding ring. Like most things nowadays, you can customize a wedding ring however you want to make it personal. However, a trend I think is truly meaningful is alternative wedding ring tattoos. These romantic tats take the place of a traditional wedding ring and they can be worn by newlyweds of any gender. IMO, a wedding ring tattoo says, "I'm yours forever," more so than a traditional wedding ring might.

My personal problem with wedding rings — or precious jewelry in general — is their tendency to get lost. For instance, you may decide to take off your ring while cleaning to avoid any nasty chemicals tarnishing it, only to accidentally misplace it. As with most things in life, wedding rings simply aren't permanent. Sure, you can purchase rings in designs or materials that may last longer than the norm, but chances are they may incur some damage from day-to-day activities throughout the course of your life.

To combat all of these issues, why don't you and the love of your life get wedding ring tattoos instead? They might be cheaper, you'll never lose them, and they'll probably last longer. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

1. The Seven Year Itch

To celebrate seven years of marriage, this couple opted for a more permanent wedding ring solution. I love how modern these simplistic tattoos are. To make the tats slightly more individual, one partner has opted for a sleeker ring, while the other's design is thicker.

2. The King Of Hearts Tattoo

This gentleman opted for a wedding ring tattoo because he had to take his actual wedding ring off to teach. This design is unique to the couple as it incorporates elements from their wedding stationary. What a great personal touch.

3. The Matching Designs

These tattoos are too cute. Featuring their partner's initials in the same place and in a similar style, they signal to the world that they are a team.

4. The Infinity Tats

Show your partner that you want your marriage to last to infinity and beyond with these sweetly simplistic infinity symbol tattoos.

5. The Pride Design

This is a great option for any nature lovers or fans of The Lion King . Following in Cara Delevingne's footsteps, these lion and lioness finger tattoos are totally roar-some.

6. The Subtle Initial Tattoo

For people out there who desire something subtle, this delightfully cute wedding ring tattoo, featuring the initial of your betrothed, is just divine. It's whimsical, sweet, and elegant; and considering its tiny size, it may not even hurt so much.

7. The Abstract Wedding Ring

This groom has picked a tattoo that is really creative yet hints at a classic chain design. Wedding ring tattoos are also a great option for those who dislike wearing jewelry.

8. The Save The Date Design

Commemorate your big day with a wedding ring tattoo that showcases the date on which you tied the knot. It's simple and chic and you can choose from classic numbers or old school Roman numerals depending on your tastes. The best thing about this design? You'll never, ever forget your anniversary.

9. The Colorful Inkspiration

I don't know what's sweeter about these rings: The fact that the designs are so colorful and cute, or that they match each other. Choose similar designs to show off your individual personalities yet complement each other's ink.

10. The Celtic Knot Ring

There are many Celtic knot symbols out there, but the running theme between them is that they have no beginning and no end, much like a couple's love. A Celtic knot is the perfect design for a wedding ring tattoo to celebrate that old vow, "'Til death do us part."

11. The Super Cute Tattoo

Your wedding ring tattoo can be anything that represents both you as an individual and the love and bond you have with your partner. Only the couple will know what a cute design such as this stands for, which will makes it unique to any newlyweds.

So when it's time to say "I do," show off your love for each other with a permanent wedding ring tattoo.

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Image: alexanderchangfitness/Instagram