Ben Higgins Comes From A Small Family

When you’re the Bachelor, you open yourself up to the whole world. ABC makes that announcement that you’re on the show, and BAM — make sure your papers (and your social media channels) are in order, because there is a bumpy ride ahead. One guy who seemingly hasn’t had too much trouble in the spotlight? Ben Higgins. He’s quiet, handsome, respectful, and ready for love, as most Bachelors are, but we haven’t seen much about his family yet. Is Bachelor Ben an only child? With the “Meet Ben’s Family” dates slowly creeping up on us, here’s what you need to know about Ben and his brood

According to ABCnews.com, Ben is the only child of Amy and David Higgins. He and his parents are hella tight, and he told reporters as much right before the show started: "I love my parents very much," Ben said. "We’re really good friends." Isn’t that nice? Personally, I love a man that loves his family — meeting someone’s family is a great indication of where they’re coming from as well as where they’re going, so I am all for a guy that likes to hang out with his family. Ben’s social media corroborates this “we’re besties” story line. Let’s take a look and see how the threesome of Ben and his parents is.

Ben & His Parents Make An Adorable Holiday Card

Hey, I’m a year or two older than Ben, and there ain’t no shame in my game in appearing in a Christmas card with your parents. It kind of kills a few birds with one stone — you by proxy also wish everyone in your parents’ Rolodex happy holidays, and you have to pay for neither the postage nor the card itself. That’s a holiday win/win right there.

Ben & His Parents Are There For Each Other

Speaking from experience, few things are scarier than a sick parent. Their mortality is not something you think about all the time, and when faced with a crisis, it’s hard to know where to turn. Ben’s dad had a triple bypass a few months ago, and Ben and his mom were right by Dad’s side to nurse him back to health and slap the bacon out of his hand. That’s love.

Ben & His Parents Are Too Cute

Judging by Ben’s snaps, you can really tell he leans on his parents for support and guidance. The T.S. Eliot quote he used, “Home is where one starts from,” shows that. Also important is how well they photograph together. That’s a handsome family right there, isn’t it?

Ben Is Close With His Grandpa, Too

See? He’s even trying to get his 90-year-old grandfather a date. Maybe he’ll be the first geriatric Bachelor in the show’s history. At the rate ABC is going with new ideas, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Seeing that Ben is so close with his family makes me look forward to the dates where Ben’s parents meet his final ladies. He obviously trusts in them a lot, so I wonder if their disapproval of a contestant would cause him to completely back out of a relationship. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens next on The Bachelor.

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Images: Eniac Martinez/ABC