Kylie Jenner's V-Day Day Outfit Looks Super Warm

by Eliza Florendo

For those spending Valentine's Day in the Northeast, I have a quick question: How have you left your homes? This incredible chill is real, and Kylie Jenner's Valentine's Day outfit is actually perfect for this little cold wave we're experiencing right now. Smack dab in the middle of New York Fashion Week, Valentine's Day 2016 is not only filled with killer outfits, but evidently, frost bite, too.

Have you ever been so cold that it actually hurt you physically? Like, the wind is howling, and you're bundled up as best as you can be, yet nothing can make you stop shivering (and whimpering, or is that just me?). That's the type of weather we've been having this weekend. The type that has gotten me (and most New Yorkers and Boston residents) to stay inside and binge watch way more shows than I'd like to admit.

If you've seen photos of Kylie Jenner (and if you haven't, you most likely live under a rock), it's clear that this girl takes some fashion risks. I'm talking fur, latex, and lace ensembles, teeny bikinis, and a whole lot of cut outs and sexy slits. And today's outfit did not disappoint. Jenner posted three photos of her looks on Instagram, showing off her pink locks and matching velvet trousers and long jacket, with a white top underneath. To top it all off, she went with a small purse and pointed pumps.

Looks like she's super warm right outside that chopper. If I could choose one outfit to keep me warm during this frigid day, it would 100% be this look. Ultra comfy and warm, yet still super chic, it's the perfect way to walk (or rather, fly) the streets during NYFW.

Apparently, along with her super cute purse, a helicopter headset is the perfect accessory.

So, you jealous yet of this look? Because to me, she looks like she's wearing a super soft blanket outside, while still managing to look pretty put together. And that's the look I'm always trying to go for in the winter season. It's super refreshing to see a celeb wearing an outfit that's actually warm, instead of the usual non-weather appropriate skirt or top. I mean, I know he/she is just hopping into the car, where the heater is undoubtedly blasting, but still. Those two seconds outside are cold!

Kylie, you nailed it. Totally love the pink hair, too, which adds another exciting element to her whole look. Hands down my favorite Valentine's Day look this year.