15 Cute Pairs Of Socks For This Crazy Winter Chill

Today in New York City, the weather hit the single digits, and yesterday, we were in the low doubles, yet I still see the exposed ankle trend roaming around the city — Yikes. The solution? Cute socks, of course. While I, too, am a lover of the cropped pant and exposed ankle (it just looks so, so playful and chic), I absolutely cannot bear it in this weather. In the 40s, sure, maybe I can deal with it. But when it's so cold that it hurts my face? I can't do it.

We can thank Thom Browne for making the exposed ankle look so popular. When a trouser or pant is perfectly tailored, it looks so much more put together, and an exposed ankle does just that. Especially with the rise of the raw hem trend, bare ankles swept through New York City faster than Mansur Gavriel bags sell out. In other words, swiftly.

But like all trends, this one has its limit. To me, at least. Evidently, not to other New Yorkers! Now — I'm not here to judge what others are wearing. Their body, their choice! But I do have to feel bad when the temperature is in the double digits, and I see a piece of skin exposed. Especially when it doesn't have to be! Socks are a thing, and while it looks ~tres chic~ to keep your ankle bare, I know you're suffering. I'm suffering from watching you suffering. Let's stop this torture and put on some socks, okay?

Luckily for us, socks don't just come in white tube form anymore. There's an array of socks out there, from different patterns, to textures, to even crazy colors. And they're all pretty wacky! You've got all spring, summer, and early fall to rock the bare ankle trend, so why not take the late fall and winter as a sock opportunity? Check out some of my faves, below.

1. The Classic Polka

Hansel From Basel Large Polka Dot Sock, $19,

Seriously — These are way cuter than cold ankles.

2. Slight Speckles

Stance Frazzled Pipebomb Socks, $18,

I have several pairs of Stance socks, and I can say, without a doubt, they're the most comfortable sock brand I own.

3. Floral Beauty

Darner Nude Floral Socks, $36,

Seriously, these are too beautiful.

4. The Simple Stripe

Marni Glitter Socks, $70,

A little pricey, but these soft babies are worth it.

5. The Classic Camp Sock

J.Crew Marled Camp Socks, $16.50,

You can't tell me these don't look crazy warm.

6. Cozy Stripes

Hunter Boot Striped Loop-Knit Knee Socks, $55,

These will keep you so warm with any knee-high boot.

7. Hodge Podge

Paul Smith Women's Black Polka Stripe Socks, $30,

If you want stripes and polkas, this one's for you.

8. For The Artsy Types

Hot Sox I And The Village Crew Socks, $8,

Trippy and super cool, this is for the ones that love a little art in their life.

9. Kitty Love

ASOS Valentines Kitten Ankle Socks, $7,

I need these socks, just because of the kitty's face alone.

10. Lace

NastyGal Garden Party Socks, $30,

Plus, you can wear them with sandals like this!

11. Pizza, Because, Pizza

Topshop Pizza My Heart Crew Socks, $6,

These socks are for everyone. Because everyone loves pizza.

12. Cutesy Flowers

Tossed Verbenas Trouser Socks, $9.50,

For when you need a little sunshine in your life.

13. Hodge Podge

Madewell Patternmix Ankle Socks, $10.50,

Why settle on one pattern if you don't have to?

14. A Little Color Block Action

Long Marled Two-Tone Trouser Socks, $16.50,

Love the idea of these sticking out with a pair of white tennis shoes on.

15. Throw Me A Bone!

TeeHee Women's Spotted Dog Cotton Multi-Colored Crew Socks, $4.99,

Ok, seriously, talk about cute socks.

I love me a bare ankle as much as the next person. But please — Think before you step outside! After all, spring is just around the corner (despite how it feels right now), so flats and sandals will be coming your way. For now, enjoy the feeling of cozy socks!