Women Trade Beards With Their Boyfriends

by Dasha Fayvinova

The struggles of dating someone with facial hair are apparently endless. In this video of bearded women kissing their boyfriends so they can feel the burn for themselves, we have the final proof. And since we are all onto something here, why not make an experience universal?! If men can never know how it feels to give birth, at least they can know what it's like to get a face-full of whiskers during a kiss. Plus, in case you wanted to know more about beards and no one in your life has one, this video is also for you.

On my end, I just love beards. I really love 'em. I love the short ones, the long ones, the barely there ones. I even like ones that have glitter dispersed liberally around them. Beards are super badass. I am always googling beard competitions because sometimes men put entire mechanical mobiles inside of their facial hair. And the lotions! My god. There are potions, and lotions, and good smelling creams, and bottled serums — all designed to make a man's beard look like a million bucks. I am into all of that. I have friends who exclusively date men with facial hair. Who can blame them? It's really evolution's fault. According to science, dudes with beards look older, and seem more reliable. Thanks to evolution, if there is a fire, I assume the man with the beard will totally run inside of a building alongside me. (With a fireproof beard-mask, I hope.)

Of course, not everything in the facial hair department is great. Turns out that unbearded partners are often struggling with their bearded partners. Relationships are tested with every sideswipe of the bristly stuff. It is time to show that annoying side of beards to the world — and more importantly, to the bearded men we know and love. Here are some highlights!

Initial Thoughts

It really is all about equality people. I've seen videos where men get Brazilian waxes in order to understand the pain that women go through. This seems like a no brainer!

Why Beards?

Why do men have beards in the first place? According to one of the video's participants, he just feels like shaving is a pain in the ass. I would have to agree. I wish I didn't have to shave my legs or pits. Do you know how much time I would have saved?! Enough time to catch up on all the sleep I've lost out on trying to look presentable for a friend-brunch.

The True Question Is...

Who initiates the kiss when your girlfriend has facial hair? The answer is very simple: who cares?! It doesn't matter who has the facial hair in the relationship. You will get a chance to start that hot make out sesh as long as you both feel like it!

If you want to watch the entire video, you can do so below!

Images: YouTube