Bachelor Ben Loves Giving Back

The only person who is shocked that Ben Higgins is the main man on The Bachelor this season is Ben Higgins himself. He really does seem like the absolute perfect guy. The only thing that is really surprising is that Ben was actually single enough to try dating on reality television. He just seems like the most genuinely kind person in the world, and he has a great track record with volunteering and giving back to the world. In addition to doing mission work in Honduras, Ben also worked for the Baker Youth Club in his hometown of Warsaw, Indiana.

On the organization's official website, the mission statement says its purpose is "to work with the youth of Kosciusko County to shape an educated, healthy, and social identity based on Christian values." There are also plenty of activities listed for the club members to take part in, including homework help, board games, arts and crafts, and sports.

So what did Ben do at the club? According to the IndyStar , Ben "would spend time with kids teaching personal hygiene and the importance of schoolwork. He would swim with them, play basketball with them, mentor them." He also once dressed up as Tigger during volunteering to amuse the kids. Gotta love Ben.

Now that he's famous, one of the fundraisers for these great activities for the kids includes an event with Bachelor Ben himself. Ben will talk about his time on the show and his passion for Baker Youth Club and volunteering. It's pretty cool and honorable that Ben is still involved with the organization and wants to continue contributing.

And if this photo doesn't melt your heart, I don't know what will. Ben giving out the "Boy of the Month" award is too precious.

Clearly, Ben's time on The Bachelorette and The Bachelor is bringing some attention to this great organization, which is one of the nice things to come out of this reality TV experience. The Baker Youth Club seems like a wonderful organization and everyone who is a part of it deserves to share the shine of spotlight with Ben Higgins.

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