The 2016 'Bachelor' Has Been Revealed

I mean, it was pretty much a given, but Ben Higgins will be the 2016 Bachelor. E! News first broke the story a few weeks ago with some anonymous sources saying it, but Ben H. immediately responded that he was not in talks and nothing was set in stone. But, that was just to throw us off the scent for a little while, because, surprise surprise, ABC has now confirmed that Ben H. will be the next Bachelor.

When he was announced, he was his usual sweet self saying, "People like me don't get opportunities like this ... I'm excited and I can't wait to get it started." But, no matter how humble he is, there's no denying he was a popular choice and a fan-favorite.

Honestly, it's the best decision the show could have made. Although runner-up Nick Viall said he'd be open to the role, I'm pretty sure fans would have revolted if Nick was chosen. (Fan-favorite, he is not.) Ben H. is a safe choice, but he's also a pretty good choice. Only time will tell if he'll lead an interesting season (although, the cast that's chosen has a lot to do with that), but from where I'm sitting, I'm excited.

Ben H., though young, is a total sweetheart, super hot, and ready for love. His time on Kaitlyn's season introduced us to a fun, cool guy who really wants a wife. The show doesn't always have the greatest track record when it comes to couples actually lasting, but let's not dwell on that yet. For now, let's just bask in the glory that is Ben H.'s face, and count down the days until his adorable mug is back on our televisions. Is it January yet?

Images: Rick Rowell, Felicia Graham/ABC