Your Guide To 'Bachelor' 20 On Instagram

The Bachelor is down to its Top 6 contestants, and everything is getting serious. On the other hand, it's never a bad time to take a break from Ben and check back in with this season's former (and current) contestants. In order to do that, you might want to follow the Bachelor Season 20 contestants on Instagram. Though Reality TV isn't always as clue-filled as, say, Pretty Little Liars, social media can be pretty sneaky and/or someone might let something slip about what's to come.

Plus, you never know who could show up later in Bachelor Nation. The cast members always find a way to come back, whether it's on Bachelors In Paradise, The Bachelorette, or another season of The Bachelor entirely. Even if you're not rooting for anyone in particular, it's always interesting to keep up with everyone's endeavors once the show is over and done. This cast in particular has been something special.

Here is everyone's Instagram information, and a glimpse at their Insta-aesthetic. The only contestant I couldn't find on Instagram is Maegan Miller. Everyone else has been posting away, either back to their old lives or keeping up the Bachelor mystery. Let the vicarious living through Bachelor contestants commence!

Amanda Stanton

Amanda's instagram is amanda_stantonn. Her two daughters are adorable, definitely worth a follow.

Becca Tilley

Becca can be found at beccatilley.

Caila Quinn

Caila uses her Instagram for tons of stunning travel pictures over at cailaquinn.

Emily Ferguson

The number 1 "professional twin" documents her exploits at efergie13.

Joelle "JoJo" Fletcher

She goes by JoJo but her pristine, picture perfect Instagram is joelle_fletcher.

Lauren Bushnell

You can find Lauren's pics at lauren_bushnell, where she has been racking up the sponsorships lately. Get it, girl!

Lauren Himle

Lauren uses her Instagram, keepbylauren, mostly to showcase her jewelry line.

Olivia Caridi

Olivia is one of the most adventurous in the bunch, so warning: Following oliviacaridi on Instagram will give you FOMO for days.

Leah Block

Leah's Instagram is simple and sweet, just leahblock.

Jennifer Saviano

According to jensav11, she's been hanging out in New York recently — wonder what that's about?

Jubilee Sharpe

You can follow Jubilee, who's balancing dance classes and army duties at the moment, at jubilee1991.

Amber James

She's such a Bachelor pro that you should already be following her, but if not her handle is amberj22chi.

Rachel Tchen

Find Rachel on Instagram at racheltchen — she's been rocking bachelorette duties a lot lately (in weddings, not the show).

Haley Ferguson

The other twin can be found at hfergie11— just different enough from her sister.

Jami Letain

Kaitlyn Bristowe's pal has a super cute Instagram at jrletain with some epic #TBTs.

Shushanna Mkrtychyan

Her social media was hidden when the show began, but shushanna_mk on Instagram documents her adventures on and off the show.

Lace Morris

Contrary to what her Twitter says, Lace's Instagram handle has been changed to lace_morris.

Amanda "Mandi" Kremer

Mandi has a boyfriend already looking at mandi_kremer on Instagram, so we probably won't see her again soon. Alas, we'll always have that rose hat...

Jacqueline "Jackie" Dion

Follow jackiedion on Instagram and join me in some major mermaid hair envy.

Samantha Passmore

She was eliminated in Week 2, but sampass on Instagram shows the lawyer hasn't missed a beat.

Lauren "LB" Barr

LB's life doesn't seem too different post-Bachelor, according to _lbarr_ on Instagram. Considering she quit, I'm not all that surprised.

Breanne Rice

When the show first started, Breanne was MIA on social media, but now her Instagram breannerice is back up and running.

Isabel "Izzy" Goodkind

You can find Izzay's 'grams at igoodkind_ and yes, she's still rocking that onesie.

Jessica Moser

You can keep up with Jessica (and her brother? boyfriend? pal?) at jessicamoser.

Laura Esselman

She's clearly moved on from the show, as you can tell from her lesselman Instagram account.

Lauren Russell

Her profile was private at the beginning of the season, but now you can check out her Instagrams at ll_a_u_r_e_n — she's another one who seems to have moved on, romantically.

Tiara Soleim

Finally, the chicken enthusiast's Instagram handle is as cute as she is — mizz_minxy. She might be known for her birds, but she's also an aerial dancer! Very cool.

Image: Eniac Martinez/ABC