'Pump Rules' James Kennedy Has A New Girlfriend

And here I thought James Kennedy was pining after Lala Kent. It looks like the Vanderpump Rules star has a new girlfriend. That's right, there is someone else out there swooning over the DJ — who knew? Based on the Bravolebrity's Instagram, James Kennedy is dating Raquel Leviss. If you take a quick scroll through both of their IG's, you will immediately notice just how head over heels in love they are with another. So, just who is James Kennedy's new girlfriend?

As previously stated, her name is Raquel Leviss and she is all about the pageant world. Actually, she is Miss Sonoma County, per her Instagram bio. Not to mention, it appears that her dream is to become the next Miss California. "Not a single day goes by without working toward my dream of being the next Miss California USA," she shared on Instagram. "The first preliminary competition is less than a month away! As I compete for the title of Miss Santa Monica, I know I have so many generous supporters who have believed in me for many years. I owe everything to the people who make it possible to compete in the USA system."

When she isn't working hard to fulfill her pageant dreams, Leviss is also a student at Sonoma State University. According to a GoFundMe page created by Leviss on Jan. 6, 2016, she is on the dean's list and is "studying Pre-Physical Therapy to become a Pediatric Physical therapist for children who have special needs and physical impairments due to severe intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD)."

Based on her fundraising page, it seems Leviss is all about doing good for others, especially those with disabilities. If she becomes Miss California, she hopes to give special attention to Best Buddies, which is, as she puts it, a "program that provides tools for people who have IDD to become more independent and more included in society through socialization and leadership opportunities as well as job coaching."

She also wrote,

As Miss California USA, I would like to be an advocate for the social inclusion of children who face challenges due to their disability. With the title, I would promote Best Buddies to empower youth to support the inclusion of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. I would use the crown as a voice to bring awareness to the disability rights movement.

So... how the heck did the SUR busboy find her? She sure seems like one of the good ones. Hey, Kennedy, don't screw up this relationship. Based on their posts about one another, they appear to be very serious and all about one another. I mean, just look at these photos (and captions):

If that doesn't say love, I don't know what does. Now, here's hoping she shows up on Vanderpump Rules, so viewers can get to know her a little better. Actually, maybe it'd be best for Leviss to stay away, you know, if she doesn't want any drama in her relationship.