What Happens When Sibs Take A Lie Detector Test

How will we ever learn the truth about the people we love? If you thought the answer is to just ask them, you would be halfway right. These siblings took a lie detector test and asked each other direct questions. Why? Because that is the only way to get the honest truth out of someone. I might not have a sibling myself, but I sure can understand why telling someone the truth is hard. Having a machine confirm through science that someone is telling the truth is the last step to calm any wondering thoughts. The proof is in the metaphorical pudding — in this case the pudding being an interpretation of breathing patterns on a graph.

The machine works like this: You get all wired up and then a professional measures how your body reacts when you are telling the truth. Usually they will first ask you some questions they already know the answers to — like your name and age. This helps set your levels at normal. Once those are established we can move on to actual questions where your answers determine if you are lying or not. When a person is lying, their body essentially gives itself away. Heart rates increase, breathing patterns change , eyes dilate and blood pressure spikes. The wires you are connected to pick up on these changes and the analyst can tell when someone has told the truth or lied.

I would never volunteer to be tested on a polygraph machine. I know myself. I would get nervous just thinking about someone thinking I was lying. I have also heard that you can trick the polygraph machine by practicing. So overall, not exactly the type of machine I would invest in. Other people, who are not as neurotic and distrustful as myself, are welcome to try this out with their significant others.

Familial Bonds Are Tested

Being close to someone like a sibling does mean that you question the nature of the relationship. Are you two actually close or is it only because of the familial bond that the two of you hang out? Do you even really like each other? In this case, the sisters found out that they both think the other person is a good person.

It Is Not Always Rainbows And Sunshine

From what I can tell when it comes to people and their siblings, it's not always a great relationship all the time. There are periods of time that the two of you will scream and fight. Or spit in each other's food.

The Only Thing That Matters

If I had a sibling, they would be the only real litmus text for my humor. They don't have to laugh at anything that I say, so if they really think I'm funny it means a lot. I guess I'll never know. #onlychildproblems

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