Dads Hook Their Kids Up To A Lie Detector

What do you have planned for Father's Day? Whatever you "think you might do" doesn't count. What do you ACTUALLY have planned? Nada? It's OK, you aren't the only one who's going to need a last minute Father's Day gift. Distractify had kids take a lie detector test with their dads, because it's every child's dream to be strapped to a polygraph machine while their father asks them about their drug history. And after the truths these kids spilled about sex, drugs and rock 'n roll, it's fair to say they're going to need to do some crucial last minute shopping to make it up to their now disillusioned fathers.

Next year, I highly recommend that these children opt for a new tie, or maybe a wine club subscription, rather than subjecting their family to this. A key tip for all the kids still living at home: Own up to things now, just in case you participate in a viral video 5 years down the road. It'll soften the blow in 5 years if you 'fess up today.

Right about now is where I'd put the anecdote about all the infamous lies I told my father. But the truth is, I call my dad twice a week to freak out about life/gossip about the rest of our family, so I've got nothing. (I am a little late in figuring out a gift, but hey, I've still got 48 hours.)

Here are 6 things the kids lied to their dads about:

1. Tattoos

"Don't tell mom" was the winning quote from that round.

2. Drugs

They asked questions ranging from, "How many drugs are you on right now?" to "Have you ever spent my money on drugs?"

The kids took it in stride.

.... And by "in stride," I mean they lied.

3. Sex

This poor dad really wanted to believe his daughter was naked that one time because she was doing laundry. Maybe we should've left him in the dark on that one.

**~CLASSIC parenting sigh~**

4. The ~real world questions~

If you haven't started to feel better about your life yet, wait until they get to the part where half the kids reveal they have yet to move out or start supporting themselves.

(Gif pictured not in the video, but still necessary for all my independent ladies out there.)

5. Their favorite parent

Whatever you do, DON'T PAUSE when asked this question.

6. Father's Day plans

I believe 0% of this group had made Father's Day plans, other than plans to bond over this polygraph test with their dads.

Watch the full video for the lolz. If you've already gotten your dad a present, the feeling of superiority is a guarantee:

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