10 Biggest Hair Mistakes Blondes Make

by Elena Hart

Everyone has heard the old adage that blondes have more fun. While we may never know how true that often-uttered phrase actually is (whether you're rocking fair hair or not), one thing about blondes definitely is true: They totally have their work cut out for them when it comes to how to take care of blonde hair. With more potential damage, more trips to the salon for touch-ups, and more money to save for pricey highlights and products — having a blonde mane can sometimes seem like the ultimate challenge. Before you get down and out about your light locks, I have some good news for you. There are common mistakes many blondes make that can cause extra damage, money, and stress when it comes to your beauty routine — and every one of them comes with a simple and affordable solution. (Yeah, I thought that might make your day!)

For example, if you're skipping out on deep conditioning your hair, you're missing out on a simple way to maintain healthy, growing strands, instead of settling for over-processed ones. You may also wait way too long to touch-up your roots, which has been causing you to spend more money in the end. Read on to learn the tricks and products that will solve all your biggest #blondeprobs.

You're Using The Wrong Shampoo: Switch To Purple Shampoo and Conditioner

Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo and Conditioner, $22, Amazon

Any run-of-the-mill 'blonde' shampoo might really be making your hair dull and brassy: Check the color. This protein-enriched purple shampoo is top-rated for blondes because it actually keeps hair vibrant and smooth, combatting that yellowy, dried-out texture color-treated (and natural) blondes get over time. (Pro Tip: Wash normally, rinse, then wash again (leaving the shampoo on for 3 to 5 minutes) for amazing brightening results.)

You're Not Pre-Treating Hair Before Coloring: Rebuild Bonds with Wheat Protein & Aloe Leaf

Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3, $24, Amazon

One product absolutely necessary for blondes prepping for their next chemical treatment is hair-strengthening Olaplex. The protective product is unique, in that it's specifically designed with Vitamins C, E, and A to rebuild broken bonds — fortifying hair before and after a treatment. Soothing aloe leaf juice and Jojoba seed oil hydrate hair to prevent further damage. For the best results, apply it to towel-dried hair and rinse it out after 10 minutes.

You Wait Too Long To Touch-Up: Between Salon Visits, Use Starch-Rich Root Spray

Oribe Airbrush Root Touch Up Spray, $29, Amazon

Salon experts recommend going for a root touch-up every four-to-six weeks, plus using a root touch-up spray in between to keep highlights looking their best. This one blends with your natural shade and contains rice starch to absorb dirt and oil. Because our scalps produce heat, which causes bleach to develop quicker, roots shouldn't grow out past a certain point — or your hairdresser will need to apply double-duty to get it to even with the rest of your hair. And (you guessed it!) that can be very costly and damaging to your tresses.

You Use One-Size-Fits-All Tinting Products: Stick To Products Exclusively For Blondes

It's a 10 Blonde Miracle Leave-In Treatment, $13, Amazon

Whether you're a natural or color-treated blonde, this leave-in conditioner will enhance highlights while restoring moisture and adding shine. Experimenting with products that don't cater to blondes can sacrifice your natural tones and your hair's vibrance — so it's best to steer clear. One user recommends spraying it only on your ends for incredible conditioning results.

You Don't Trim Often Enough: Use A Blonde-Friendly Silk Protein Serum

Tressa Blonde Miracle Silk Spray Serum, $17, Amazon

Between trims, use reparative split-end serum on your ends that's designed specifically for bleached or highlighted hair. This serum contains silk proteins that will smooth your cuticles instantly. Blonde hair tends to be finer, and as a result, it can be more prone to getting split ends. (Pro Tip: For your healthiest growing mane, salon experts recommend making an appointment for a trim every six-to-eight weeks.)

You're Letting Minerals Change Hair Color: Retain Vibrancy With A Purifying Water Filter

Jonathan Product Beauty Water Shower Purification System, $45, Amazon

Mineral deposits of copper or iron can cause blonde hair to turn green or become very dry post-shower. This purifying filter takes copper and lead out of water, and replaces it with potassium ions for softer, healthier, and more vibrant hair. Users say it's a must-have that saves highlights and softens texture. (Pro Tip: Washing with cold water also helps seal the cuticle and prevent any unwanted minerals from getting in and causing brittle strands.)

You're Not Deep Conditioning: Nourish With Blonde Hair Hydrating Mask

Lush Hair Treatment, $35, Amazon

This vegan hair mask created specially for blondes contains chamomile to calm your scalp, saffron to maintain your golden color, and lemon for added shine. If you normally skip out on deep conditioning your hair, you will fall hard for this little act of love towards your tresses. It makes a night and day difference for over-processed hair! (Bonus: It will bring out your natural tones while simultaneously eliminating damage.)

You're Skipping SPF: Spray Defensive Sunflower Seed Oil Hair Mist

Fekkai Pr-Soleil Hair Radiance and Protection Mist, $9, Amazon

Any amount of sun exposure can put your blonde mane at risk for dehydration and color fading, which is exactly what this protective spray shields your strands against. When you spray this mist on your hair, you're applying a strong UV filter that will have you spending all day on the beach without worrying about your color. (Bonus: Sunflower Seed Oil will smooth your hair and leave it smelling amazing!)

You're Ignoring Chlorine Damage: Repair With Chlorine-Removal Spray

SwimSpray Chlorine Removal Spray, $10, Amazon

This swim spray is infused with Vitamin C to eliminate chlorine from your locks — all the way down to its notoriously strong scent. Just combine it with your blonde-friendly shampoo or conditioner to see results. Its 100-percent natural, fragrance-free formula will remove all traces of chlorine and keep your hair from turning a crazy color or becoming dry and unmanageable.

You Don't Wait To Wash After Bleaching: Extend Color By Showering With Silicone Cap

Home Spa Large Silicone Shower Cap For Daily Use , $24, Amazon

Bleaching strands causes them to turn dry and coarse for several days, which can be further extended by over-shampooing your hair. Putting your hair in this silicone reusable shower cap helps get your hair back to its normal state much faster. This cap is stretchy and designed to fit comfortably over any hair thickness.

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