The Second 'Deadpool' Post-Credits Scene Is Superb

Deadpool opened in theaters this past weekend to the tune of a cool $132.7 million domestic, making it the biggest opening weekend ever for a movie released by Fox (keep in mind, Fox released all of the Star Wars movies prior to The Force Awakens, so... yeah). It's a massive achievement, and it also means that most of you reading this have already seen the film. And you probably saw the post-credits scene, too. But it's possible that you might have missed the second post-credits scene. That's right, Deadpool has two scenes that come after the movie ends. So what's the second Deadpool post-credits scene?

First, I should briefly mention what the first post-credits scene entails, since it actually leads directly into the second one. In it, Deadpool parodies the ending of Ferris Bueller's Day Off by donning a bathrobe and speaking directly to the audience. He tells them that if they're expecting a sequel tease, it's not in the budget. And he makes fun of Marvel by saying that Samuel L. Jackson isn't going to show up in a "saucy little leather number", referencing the actor's first appearance as Nick Fury at the end of Iron Man.

Now, as for the second post-credits scene, it's more a continuation of the first than anything else. Deadpool is still in his bathrobe, and still talking to the audience. However, he goes back on his word by actually teasing the sequel. Not by showing any kind of scene or involving any actors, but by literally telling fans about the sequel. Specifically, he says that the character Cable will be in the sequel. He mentions Cable's bionic arm and that he time travels, which makes it seem like the movie version of the character will be, like Deadpool himself, very faithful to its comic book source material.

Deadpool even goes on to name a few actors who could potentially fill the role of the time-traveling son of Cyclops and Jean Grey's clone from an alternate future who has the mutant powers of telekinesis and telepathy and is infected with a techno-organic virus (he's kind of a complicated guy). Mel Gibson, Dolph Lundgren, and even Keira Knightley are all floated as possibilities for the role by the Merc with a Mouth. And I'm just going to say that now that Deadpool has thrown it out there, seeing Keira Knightley portray a gender-swapped Cable would be pretty sweet.

After that, the robe-clad antihero tells viewers to exit the theater and to take their garbage with them, before imitating the Ferris Bueller "Chikka chikka" sound effect. And that's it! A parody to a thirty-year-old movie coupled with a tease for a major comic book character in the sequel. Pay attention, other superhero movies, this is how you do a post-credits scene.

Images: 20th Century Fox; Marvel Comics; giphy.com