This 'Shark Tank' Product Wants To Help You Sleep

A company called AfreSHeet was featured on Shark Tank earlier this season, which introduced us to the idea of disposable bed sheets. But for some people, a temporary solution like that might not be enough to get their beds as clean as they need them to be. So if AfreSHeet was the appetizer, Clean Sleep, which is available now, is the main course.

The name of this company is pretty self-explanatory, but I'll get into what makes this mattress cleaning service so unique and worthy of a Shark Tank appearance later on. For now, let's focus on the Sharks themselves. They've all got beds and would probably like to sleep somewhere clean. However, Clean Sleep has to prove that it's making money and thriving as a business before the Sharks will get in bed with this company.

Honestly, I have no idea how this pitch is going to turn out. People definitely want to sleep in clean beds, but will they actually call up a company to do it for them? I'm not so sure about that.

However, what's more definitive for me is that it's at least fascinating to learn how Clean Sleep operates. Here are six reasons why your interest will be piqued even before the company's Shark Tank debut.

This Company Wants To Make Sure Your Sleep Is Clean

Where you sleep is probably high on the list of places you don't want to be dirty. Clean Sleep is here to help by offering residential and commercial (hotels, assisted living facilities, student housing, etc.) mattress cleaning services. In addition to cleaning your mattress inside your home, Clean Sleep will also remove urine, stains, bed bugs, dust mites, and odors, none of which anyone wants on their mattress while they're trying to get some shut eye.

It Used To Operate Under A Different Name

Once upon a time, Clean Sleep had the straightforward name of Mattress Cleaners. But I, for one, am very happy about the company's name change since its launch. It's not so literal and has such a nice ring to it now, don't you think?

It Works Like A Well-Oiled Clean Sleep Machine

In order to get your mattress nice and clean, the company puts it through what it calls a Clean Sleep Machine, which I think looks like a car wash for your mattress. After all of your bedding and linens have been removed, Clean Sleep loads your mattress inside a truck, which features the tools needed to complete its five-step cleaning process of Ultraviolet light, dry steam, a vacuum, ozone generation, and infrared heat to get rid of all of the grossness that your mattress collects over the years. One Clean Sleep Machine can service more than 30 mattresses in an eight-hour day. Clearly, this machine works like a machine.

It's Important To Have A Clean Bed (Duh)

If it's not obvious that the cleanliness of your bed affects your health, then Clean Sleep has several reasons why it's beneficial to you listed on its website. Not only does a cleaner bed mean you won't be catching whatever from all of the germs and dust mites your mattress accumulates over time, but it could also mean a better night's sleep if allergens and weird smells and stains are removed. Your mattress may even last longer if you clean it regularly, which means a healthier wallet for you.

You Can Have Clean Dreams Soon Enough

If you now don't think that you can crawl into bed without having Clean Sleep do its thing first, then you're (sort of) in luck because it's in business. All you have to do is request an appointment for a residence or commercial building through a form on Clean Sleep's website or call (877) 220-0015, and a customer service representative will help you schedule something. Prices vary based on what services you need done, which is laid out for your convenience on Clean Sleep's website. If all of this seems like a dream, it might actually be one if you don't live in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex (hey, Mark Cuban!), which is where the company currently operates. However, Clean Sleep has a section dedicated to franchising on its website, which could mean that we could see Clean Sleep Machines pop up all over the country in the future.

The Founder Didn't Always Want To Appear On Shark Tank

An article published on DentonRC.com on July 14, 2013 reported that Michael Ingle, the founder of Clean Sleep, was contacted by Shark Tank. However, he "declined that offer," his former high school teacher and consultant Laurence McClendon told the website.

I'm not sure what made Ingle finally decide to give Shark Tank a shot, but I'm intrigued by the company, so I'm sure glad he eventually said yes.

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