Never Do Laundry Again With This 'Shark Tank' Item

When you hear the word "Millennials," many different thoughts probably come rushing to your mind, and not all of them are positive. Love them or hate them, Millennials are taking over Friday night's episode of Shark Tank as twenty-something entrepreneurs try to convince these middle-aged millionaires and billionaires that their product or service will be the next big thing — in a way that doesn't make them look entitled, of course. Will the entrepreneur behind AfreSHeet be able to overcome the Millennial stigma?

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He'll certainly try when he pitches his product to the Sharks during Friday night's episode of the show. AfreSHeet also has a function that should prove especially useful for Millennials, so let's hope the Sharks are able to channel their younger selves and relate to it, too.

But you know what's ageless? Money, of course, and if AfreSHeet has the potential to make a lot of that for the Sharks, they might just invest no matter what the product is or who it's for. So what makes AfreSHeet such a good product for pretty much anyone aged zero to 99? Here's everything you need to know about the product that may just be good enough to impress all of the Sharks and many Shark Tank viewers at home.

You Don't Have To Wash These Bed Sheets

AfreSHeet, $25 and +, AfreSHeet Bedsheet

AfreSHeet is the kind of name that perfectly describes what the product is. It's a fitted sheet that's actually made up of seven soft, waterproof layers of sheets so that when the top sheet gets soiled, you just peel it off for — you guessed it — a fresh sheet. Throw away that dirty, 100 percent recyclable sheet, and say goodbye to your washing machine forever. Well, at least where washing bedding is concerned.

Anyone Can Use It

AfreSHeet seems to first and foremost be targeting college students because, let's be real, what college student washes his or her clothes enough, let alone bedsheets that he or she lays on every night to sleep and do God knows what else? However, everyone is dirty, regardless of age, so AfreSHeet really has a wide variety of target consumers. The official AfreSHeet website suggests that the product can be used on toddler beds, at summer camps, in healthcare, for the elderly, and pretty much for any other type of situation or group of people you can think of.

You'll Have To Wait To Get AfreSHeet

If the prospect of never having to wash your bedsheets again is too exciting to not have AfreSHeet in your life, it looks like lots of other people felt the same way. "AfreSHeet is currently sold out and will be available soon," according to the company's official website where you can leave your name and email address to be notified when more of the product is in stock. AfreSHeet also seems to have been available for purchase on Amazon for $29.95 a pack, but at the time of this writing, there was only one unit left in stock, so you'll probably have to wait for more to be sold there, too. The company better have more units of AfreSHeet available by the time this episode of Shark Tank airs because it'll have a captive audience of potential customers that aren't going to be pleased if they can't get their hands on the product ASAP.

The Founder Is A Thinker

Maxwell Cohen, the entrepreneur behind AfreSHeet, unsurprisingly got the idea for the product while he was in college and "saw the firsthand consequences of students rarely changing their bedsheets," he said during an appearance on the "Elevator Pitch" segment on MSNBC's Your Business. I'm not really sure what that means, and frankly, I don't really want to know, but good for him for seeing a problem and trying to fix it.

This Family Means Business


Cohen's mother Carol Suchman helps him run AfreSHeet as the chief operations officer. However, they're not the only two entrepreneurs in the family. In fact, all of the Cohen children were expected to start a business by the time they turned 26 years old, according to a November 2014 New York Times article on the company. Maxwell Cohen's brother Trace Cohen started the free self-publishing platform designed for PR professionals, Launch.it, with their father Brian Cohen, who was also Pinterest's first investor and the chairman of the New York Angels investment group. His sister Nicole Rubin created the sophisticated family vacation planning platform Passported. Who knows? We could see more of the Cohen family on Shark Tank in the near future.

It Got The Martha Stewart Seal Of Approval

AfreSHeet got a shoutout from Martha Stewart on her SiriusXM satellite radio show last year. Getting praise like this from the domestic goddess is like the biggest win a bedding company could get.

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