The Easiest Way To Clean Your Beauty Blender

No judgment here, but I'll venture to guess your makeup tools aren't as clean as they should be. Truth is, mine aren't either, but if you've made a resolution to be more hygienic with your beauty routine this year, you should start with your sponges. If you're wondering how often you should clean your beauty blender, the answer might surprise you, because it's most likely more than you actually clean yours.

Beautyblender recommends replacing the makeup sponge after three months if you are using it daily (like most of us are). If you aren't up to speed, here's the deal with beauty sponges: They are round, reusable sponges that create an airbrushed look. You can use them with any product — foundation, blush, highlighter, and any formulation of any products. It's a tool everyone uses — drag queens, YouTubers, and celebrity makeup artists alike swear by it. And while everyone says you need one, no one is talking about how often you should be cleaning it. These magical tools soak up product, bacteria, dirt, and the stuff you're spraying in the air, like hairspray, like no other. Because all the product you dip it in is located in one damp location, your sponge — if left uncleaned — can lead to major breakouts.

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If you love the product, but are a little lazy like me, I recommend the easy method to cleaning your Beauty Blender. It's an everyday task, but like I said, it's easy, cheap, and keeps things super sanitary. Win-win. Here's what you do.

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First, grab a cup or bowl and fill it with warm water and a tablespoon of cleanser. You can use Beautyblender's cleansing solution, or you can make your own DIY cleanser from antibacterial dish soap, baby shampoo, or a mix of it all with a little olive oil.

Whether you bought your cleaning solution or you made your own, you'll submerge your sponge into it and then give it a couple squeezes under water. You'll notice the sponge start to fill with water — that's when you'll sink in back into the bowl.

Leave the sponge in the water overnight. The next day, you'll wake up, ring it out, and be ready to apply makeup with a fresh, clean sponge.

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This method is my favorite. Every morning, you'lll wake up with a damp, clean sponge waiting for you. Personally, I notice a difference in my skin and makeup when I'm consistently using a clean sponge. I'm sure you will, too!

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Image: Beautyblender; Fotolia