Being Single On V-Day Is Fine, Seacrest

In a move that absolutely no one found cute or charming, E! Red Carpet host Ryan Seacrest shamed Selena Gomez for being single. When Seacrest asked Gomez how she spent her Valentine's Day, she said that she hung out with her single girlfriends, to which Seacrest responded with the daddiest dad joke of all time: "I call that Single Awareness Day, S-A-D. Singles Awareness Day." Gomez was visibly unamused, and as a fellow singleton, so am I. That joke was so uncool, Seacrest.

Look, I get that he probably wasn't trying to make Gomez feel bad for being single on Valentine's day, but the joke is still rude. Because while many of us single ladies aren't bummed by Valentine's Day, there are endless cultural pressures to feel extra alone on the day when everyone is supposed to be acting like the heart eyes emoji towards someone, anyone. If Gomez, or any other singleton out there, spends a pleasant Valentine's Day with friends, or alone, or however you damn well please, the last thing they want is for someone — i.e. Seacrest — to come along and extinguish all your good vibes.

Gomez combatted the old timey notion that anyone who's single on V-Day is S-A-D by simply saying, "I'm fine," and all in all, I think Seacrest was the one with egg on his face. I'm pretty sure most people know better than to make anyone feel weird for being single, outside of busy body aunts at Christmas dinner.

And if they're not, I can hope the palpable awkwardness of Gomez' interaction with Seacrest teaches those folks a very valuable lesson.