Who Is The Little Boy Justin Bieber Brought To The 2016 Grammys? He’s Super Cute

Is it too early to say that Bieber is going through a bit of a personal renaissance? Because this guy is doing plenty of things that are pushing his bad boy persona further and further into the past. Among these things include his seriously awesome new album Purpose (which includes more than a handful of singalong-worthy singles), releasing a one very steamy music video for his equally-steamy song "What Do You Mean?" and scoring his first-ever Grammy for his Skrillex and Diplo collaboration "Where Are U Now." Even Bieber's personal life has seemingly gotten an upgrade — gone are the days of making bizarre pleas for Selena Gomez's affections via Instagram. Now, Bieber is focusing on himself (and maybe also, Hailey Baldwin) and decided to hit the Grammy red carpet with a plus one that the entire world can get onboard with. Bieber brought his little brother Jaxon to the Grammys, and it's just more proof that Bieber is turning over a new leaf.

While some people might have expected Bieber to bring his rumored new girlfriend to the Grammys, Bieber decided to make it a family affair by bringing his six-year-old brother Jaxon. He certainly looks cute on the red carpet next to his newly-mustached older bro:

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You also have to appreciate the Bieber brothers' matching hairstyles. While Bieber's platinum locks are the result of a dye job, I have a feeling that Jaxon's hair is a bit more natural. Think that Bieber was borrowing a page from his younger brother when he decided to go platinum? They're already donning the same color scheme with their suits, so it would be awfully adorable if Bieber's entire look was cultivated solely to match his little brother.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Grammy ceremony is just one of several times in recent months that Bieber was spotted hanging with his two younger siblings, who are the children of Bieber's father Jeremy. Last summer, Bieber was spotted riding golf carts with Jaxon in Los Angeles, and this winter has posted several family-centric Instagram pics, including this one with his other sibling Jazmyn.

Bieber could have asked any starlet to be his date for the Grammys, but you have to give him props for taking the brother who likely looks up to him. If Bieber really is trying to do things differently this time around, keeping his family close is one very cute way to start.