Justin Bieber Spends Quality Time With His Family & Proves He May Be Changing His Ways After All — PHOTOS

After spending an entire night being mocked by comedians and fellow celebrities, Justin Bieber's Comedy Central Roast took an unexpected turn. Sure, Biebs got the last laugh, but he also left the audience with an apologetic message promising that he would change his behavior for the better. Was this the greatest joke of all, or did he actually mean it? Well, if his latest Instagram photos are any indication, he's on the right track. Recently Justin Bieber shared photos from a family fishing trip.

In the pictures, Bieber is posing by a lake with his little half-brother Jaxon and making funny faces his half-sister Jazmyn. Although usually he tends to go a bit overboard with the selfies, I am totally fine with that one. When Bieber tweeted the picture, he wrote, "Nothing better than family time."

It's nice to see JBiebz taking a breather from the spotlight to spend quality time with his relatives. Instead of spending Saturday night at a club, he's bonding with his kid siblings and that is absolutely precious. Of course the singer is young and deserves to have fun, but if the past proves anything, we know sometimes he doesn't know his limits and it backfires. That's why I applaud his family-filled trip.

In case you need to see it to believe it, let's take a look at what Bieber's been up to:


Try to not "aww" at this picture of Bieber teaching his little bro how to fish! Also, I'm a fan of the pink sneakers.

Funny Faces

Naturally the little Bieber kids are already pros at taking selfies. It must run in the family.

Candy Store

JBiebz's dad Jeremy Bieber shared this sweet photo of the kids in a candy store. (Pun intended, obviously.)

More Fishing

I'm a big fan of the fact that his father spelled "boyz" with a "Z."