Ben & Becca Had An Awkward Moment On 'Bachelor'

There are only six women left on The Bachelor and there's an elephant in the room, and it's called Ben Higgins' Undeniable Connection With Lauren B. If you watched last Monday's episode of the show, you already know that the other women have definitely noticed Ben's attachment to her, sometimes at the cost of his relationship with anyone else... and you know that Becca's feeling awkward about the way things are progressing with her and our Bachelor so far. And, Ben noticed because he told his parents on Monday that he noticed she was standoffish on their last date. So, what did Becca do on The Bachelor ?

In short? Communicated her feelings to Ben, like anybody else would do. Basically, Becca mentioned that she had noticed Ben's super intense connection with Lauren and admitted that it made her unsure how to act or handle it, which is totally understandable, even if this is already a totally unusual dating situation. Becca wasn't trying to be catty at all — she just wanted to make Ben aware of what she and the other women were thinking — but it's obviously kind of a weird conversation to have, and in her position, I'd feel strange about seeing him again for the first time after a talk like that, too.

And it struck a chord with Ben, too. He wrote about the situation in his People magazine Bachelor blog last week, and it sounds like he took her worries seriously. He wrote:

I started talking to each of the women, one by one. I wanted them to know that I cared, that I didn't expect to be chased and that I was willing to put in the work needed to fix things with them. I've said before how much these women had come to mean to me and they needed to know that. And to know that if something was wrong, be it that today or in our potential future as husband and wife, I wasn't going to run from it. And after talking to each one of them things seemed better. I wasn't sure that all the issues were cleared up, but I definitely felt like we were back on track.

It's good that Ben has recognized there's something there with Lauren — that's the whole reason why he's here handing out roses on TV. But, hopefully, he'll learn to balance his time a little better so he can explore all his options... or at the very least, make the remaining women feel like he's trying to get to know them, too. It's only fair!

Image: Eniac Martinez/ABC