Justin Bieber's Little Brother Is All of Us At The 2016 Grammys — PHOTOS

Maybe it's because Hailey Baldwin is in New York, but Justin Bieber brought his little brother Jaxon as his 2016 Grammys date and guys, this whole situation couldn't be any cuter. JB and Jaxon basically spent the entire red carpet acting like classic big bro/little bro, including play fighting, holding hands, and the Biebs smooching a very reluctant little Jax on the cheek. In fact, Justin Bieber's little brother at the 2016 Grammys is us all, with his hot-and-cold antics towards his older brother.

I get it, Jaxon: It's been a confusing year to be a Justin Bieber fan, and sometimes you just don't know which direction to turn to. Do you want to run away and leave your Bieber fandom behind based on JB's sometimes questionable actions? Or, do you want to embrace your inner Belieber full-on? Jaxon was pretty much the embodiment of this exact predicament during his time on the red carpet, sometimes fanning out over his brother, sometimes looking embarrassed to be seen with him. It's the dueling emotions of every Belieber, and it's a hard decision to make.

Granted, being a little brother to a pop star is kind of the same as being a fan: You love them no matter what, even if you're embarrassed for them and they do eyebrow-raising things sometimes. And at the end of the day, no matter what, you're in it for the long haul. Right, Jaxon?

He's Along For That Justin Bieber Ride

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Justin Bieber takes Jaxon by the hand, and Jax is ready to follow his older brother wherever he goes. Kinda how I feel after the Biebs dropped the masterpiece that is Purpose, TBH.

He's Even Willing To Put Up With Justin's Ridiculous Antics

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That eye roll is no lie! I totally get it — Justin can sometimes do questionable things, like grab your suit and give you a hard time on the red carpet. But push through it: He's just being a typical older brother, and he's got some good things on the way.

Jaxon Is Totally ~Above~ Being Kissed By His Big Bro


I mean, can anything be more embarrassing than being kissed by your older brother on the red carpet? Not likely, but one day Jaxon will look back on this moment and realize that being kissed by Justin Bieber is actually everyone's dream come true.

Jaxon Bieber, acting out the true dilemma of Beliebers everywhere.