15 Natural Ways To Exfoliate

by Lindsey Rose Black

Exfoliating a few times a week is a crucial part of a healthy skincare regimen, but what you're exfoliating with is just as important as how often you should do it. To avoid physically and environmentally harmful microbeads, consider these natural ways to exfoliate. Whether you prefer DIY or would rather purchase a natural scrub, either makes a great, safe option!

In case you missed the amazing New York Times article on what microbeads are and why they're dangerous, allow me to summarize. Microbeads are tiny pieces of plastic frequently used in beauty products like exfoliators and toothpaste for texture, and are cheaper than natural alternatives like ground pecan shells. Cheaper would be fine, except these microbeads are toxic, end up polluting lakes, oceans, fish and, ultimately, us.

The good news is that many major companies are phasing out the use of microbeads in their products, so while products are still available on the shelves currently, they are well aware of the dangers that they pose and are being proactive about excluding them and including other environmentally-friendly exfoliators.

For a better understanding of why you should dodge microbeads and either whip up your own exfoliators (or purchase those with only 100 percent natural ingredients), check out this video below from the StoryOfStuffProject:

Below are some of my favorite natural exfoliating products, as well as a few totally effective DIY exfoliators!

1. Cane Sugar And Coconut Oil

Kirkland Signature Organic Coconut Oil, $29, Amazon

A simple scrub made from 1/4 cup coconut oil and 1/2 cup pure cane sugar is perfect for all over your body.

2. Ground Coffee And Coconut Oil

Perfect for chapped lips, a ground coffee and coconut oil scrub takes all of two minutes to whip up.

3. Sea Salt And Jojoba Oil (And Essential Oils!)

Minera Dead Sea Salt, $10, Amazon

You'll feel like you're at the spa with this cleansing and nourishing mineral dead sea salt scrub.

4. Oatmeal Face Mask

This avocado and oatmeal face mask is both exfoliating and moisturizing.

5. Cane Sugar And Honey

Wholesome Sweetners Organic Cane Sugar, $10, Amazon

Mix together 2 tablespoons of raw honey with 1/4 cup pure cane sugar to create a nourishing antibacterial mask gentle enough to use on your face.

6. Frank Body Scrub

Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub, $20, Amazon

This incredibly gentle coffee scrub is 100 percent natural and brightens skin thanks to the caffeine boost.

7. Rose Sandalwood Sea Salt Scrub

Rose Sandalwood Sea Salt Scrub, $13, Etsy

Rich and romantic with rose geranium essential oil, this sea salt scrub will leave you squeaky clean.

8. Honey And Oat Face Scrub

Xoxo Cosmetics Honey And Oat Face Scrub, $8, Etsy

With honey, organic oats, and arrowroot powder, this gentle scrub is designed to swipe away dead skin cells on your face to leave it nice and silky.

9. Exfoliator Soap

Exfoliator Soap, $7, Etsy

Not into scrubs? Check out this stunner exfoliator soap bar, instead.

10. Mint + Lime Body Scrub

Mint And Lime Body Scrub, $9, Etsy

For all my mojito fans out there, this is the natural exfoliator for you!

11. Lavender Lemongrass Sugar Scrub

Lavender Lemongrass Exfoliator, $9, Etsy

Another swoon-worthy naturally scented sugar scrub, this one features bright bursts of lemongrass and lavender.

12. Jasmine Body Scrub

Jasmine Body Scrub, $12, Etsy

With honey granules and sweet jasmine, this exfoliating scrub is gentle enough to use everywhere.

13. Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub

Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub, $13, Etsy

With olive oil and hints of cinnamon, this natural exfoliator smells good enough to devour.

14. Cherry Sugar Scrub

Cherry Sugar Scrub, $13, Etsy

Get a burst of summer no matter what it's like outside with this sweet cherry exfoliator.

15. Chocolate Scrub

Chocolate Scrub, $13, Etsy

Yes, yes this does exist.

Images: Courtesy of Brands