Will A Really Use Emily's Eggs On 'Pretty Little Liars?' The New Big Bad May Have A Different Plan In Mind

During the show's hiatus, I formed a fairly long wish list of things I wanted to see happen during Pretty Little Liars Season 6B. Sadly, most of my dreams were shattered during the show's premiere when I learned that Sara Harvey was still in Rosewood and Haleb had become a thing of the past. But more than anything, I'm super upset that the time jump has been so unkind to Emily. I mean, she has a heart of gold and would literally do anything for her friends, but she cannot catch a break. As if her traumatic experience in the dollhouse wasn't bad enough, Emily lost her beloved dad, failed out of school, and was so ashamed that she didn't even tell her mom or her friends about it. Although Emily initially decided to donate her eggs out of financial necessity, she told Hanna that she felt great about the decision because it would allow her to help someone build a family. As usual, things didn't go according to plan and her eggs were stolen after the procedure — but will A actually use Emily's eggs on Pretty Little Liars?

If he or she makes good on the threat, it will arguably be the craziest Pretty Little Liars plotline to date. (And that's really saying something.) It was disturbing enough when Charlotte stole the Liars' blood in the Season 5 episode "Out, Damned Spot" — but taking and using Emily's eggs would be a whole new level of creepy.

Although the threat certainly packed a punch, it's hard to see what purpose it would serve to actually use the eggs. Carrying a child for nine months would require unparalleled dedication — and what is A really going to do with a baby? I don't know much about raising children, but I'm fairly certain that newborn wouldn't exactly be the most useful accomplice. Plus, tormenting the Liars literally takes up all of A's time, so adding a baby to the mix would be an unwanted distraction.

It seems far more likely that A left this message for Emily in order to torment her psychologically — she made clear to Hanna that donating her eggs was the first thing she's felt good about in a long time and now that's been taken away from her. And, since she'll never know for sure what's being done with her eggs, Emily will likely be plagued by constant fears that A will make good on his or her promise.

Although the show is very different from the books, sometimes the books hold clues — and a somewhat similar plotline occurred in the Sara Shepard series. When Emily became pregnant, she chose to put her baby up for adoption and initially made an agreement with a woman named Gayle who was desperate for a child and willing to pay Emily a large sum of money for her baby. When Gayle exhibited bizarre and obsessive behavior, Emily changed her mind and gave the baby to another family. Gayle continued to threaten the Liars to the point where they believed she was a member of the A team — but when she was murdered, they concluded that she was likely a victim of A. Since Emily's baby ended up being safe in the books, let's hope it's a clue that her eggs are safe on the show.

For now, it seems unlikely that A will actually use Emily's eggs — but, as we saw during Season 6A, psychological torment is a traumatic form of abuse. It looks like, once again, Emily is going to be in a world of pain until she figures out exactly what's being done with her eggs. Poor Em's amount of bad luck truly knows no bounds.

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