Where Can You Buy Kat Von D x beautyblender?

I can't with her! She teased us about her upcoming, super classified rumored collabo with Too Faced Cosmetics but she's also killing it with another mashup. Tattoo artist and makeup maven Kat Von D's partnership with beautyblender is so OMFG it will make you shake, cry, and hyperventilate to the point of needing an oxygen tank. The Kat Von D x beautyblender Customizable Complexion Set is a combo of two amazing full-sized items, two samples, and a special version of the beautyblender. Once you've caught your breath and recovered from the euphoria, you need to know where you can score this combo.

There are two places you can shop the set. You can grab it at your local Sephora or at You can also purchase the package at Kat Von D Beauty's official site.

Let's dive a little deeper into what the set offers.

You know the beautyblender, right? Of course you do. It's the iconic, egg-shaped, and usually hot pink sponge that is meant to be used while wet and is complexion perfection because it allows you to use a minimum of product while helping you achieve an airbrushed look. I use it every morning when applying any liquid products to my face.

This set boasts a full-sized, black (!!!) beautyblender pro, which falls in line with the celeb tattoo artist's look and aesthetic, as well a full-sized Lock-It foundation from KVD's line.

To die for, right? Lock-It is known for the full coverage and high performance it offers but that means nada if you don't have the right tool. The beautyblender gives you control of where you apply it and how you diffuse it across your face. It lets you get that sought-after, smooth, matte finish. Why didn't they think of this tag team sooner?

The set also includes two samples — one from each brand. You also get a vial of the Kat Von D Beauty's Lock It Featherweight Primer, as well as the beautyblender cleanser, since keeping tools clean is critical; a dirty makeup sponge can exacerbate skin problems and who needs that? Getting a sample of the liquid cleanser encourages you to clean your tool and break the cycle!

The Kat Von D x beautyblender package will set you back by just $46. #WorthIt

Essentially, it's a lot of beauty booty for a crazy affordable price. If you properly care for your beautyblender, it will last forevs, too.

With the Too Face mashup on the way, Kat Von D Beauty continues to ascend the ranks of awesome.

Images: Courtesy Sephora (2)