Scheana & Stassi Make Up On ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Over Shots Of Booze & Truth—Sort Of

Due to a minor tech hiccup, I sadly missed the first couple of minutes of Monday night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules. When I finally pulled up the show and saw that Stassi, Scheana, Ariana, Tom Sandoval, Lala, Shay, Lala and Kristina Kelly were all in the same apartment, I assumed I was seeing things. I must be dehydrated, I thought. The L.A. heat must be getting to me, because there’s no way all of these people ended up at the same house party. Well, I was not imagining this seemingly too-weird-to-be-true get-together; Stassi, Scheana, Ariana, Tom Sandoval, Shay, Lala and Kristina Kelly did indeed attend a housewarming party at Lala and Dani’s abode. And just when I thought I’d seen it all, sworn frenemies Stassi and Scheana sat down on a couch, knocked back shots, and more or less made amends.

My goodness. What a difference a season makes. Neither Stassi nor Scheana yelled at each other. Neither Stassi nor Scheana got in each other's faces. Neither Stassi nor Scheana stormed away from the conversation. Instead, Stassi and Scheana each calmly said their piece. Scheana admitted that while she did talk about the tape, she insisted that she was 100% against the ex-boyfriend trying to leak the recording and had nothing to do with that piece of the story. Scheana said that she would never do something like that to Stassi, no matter how frayed their relationship was, and apologized. Stassi accepted the apology. Maybe the heat is getting to me, but I think this might be the beginning of a beautiful ex-friendship-turned-friendship?

Later, Scheana and Queen of SUR Lisa Vanderpump chatted about the Stassi conversation. Scheana was surprised at how well the interaction panned out, and thought this might be a step in the right direction for Stassi and the rest of the group. And while Lisa worried that Scheana was too eager to "sweep things under the rug," Scheana really seemed to think that Stassi was being sincere.

Well, I'll be. If things keep going in this direction, Stassi could be holding Giggy in no time. (OK, you're right. I might be pushing it.)

Image: bricesander/tumblr