Adele's Response To Sound Issue Couldn't Be Better

by Lindsay Mannering

If you're the man or woman who set up the mics on the piano for Adele's 2016 Grammys performance, you can crawl out from under that giant rock of shame you decided to move into and go to bed now and rest easy, because good news: She forgives you. After the awards show was all said and done Monday night, Adele responded to the sound issues that occurred during her Grammys set, and of course, her two tweets on the matter are more delightful and charming than Justin Bieber's little brother and Taylor Swift's Kanye West shout out, combined.

It's no secret that Adele's performance started out on the wrong note — literally. Twitter lit up as soon as she began to sing "All I Ask" because, as fans, we know what's up. And when something goes awry, no matter how minute, those of us who have been listening to Adele on repeat since 19 will notice. It's a blessing and a curse. And no, of course no one was holding it against Adele. The tweets were all wishing condolences upon the tech people whose heads were assumed to roll. Some less than savory tweets mentioned a firing squad. Not sure if they meant guns, or just pink slips, but either way, yikes.

Even non-fans, though, couldn't help but observe that the sound was off. At first, it sounded as if there was a technical difficulty with the broadcast. Then rumblings began on the social media that the guitar player was overshadowing her... but there wasn't a guitar player on stage. CBS confirmed midway through the Grammys that yes, something was wrong, and now, we've got the scoop from the woman who lived it:

See, mic-setter-uppers? You're good! Adele is not coming for you. She is, however, you know, not, like, thrilled it happened. Is she over it? Plausibly. Will she remember it for a while? Probably. Is she in a vulnerable place and in need of a pick me up? Definitely.

Hello, Adele, it's me. I'll take a cheeseburger and fries. Let's do this together. And then let's go find those tech peeps.