There Is A Magical Alarm Clock That Brews Coffee

by Dasha Fayvinova

As I type this, my mouth is millimeters away from a steaming hot cup of coffee I brewed this morning. I need that cup of coffee in order to function as a human being each and every morning that I wake up — like a coffee alarm clock. Without it I am grumpier, less sharp and over all not as pleasant as I can be. I've had people brew coffee in anticipation of these character traits. What I'm trying to say is that I love coffee and any invention that can make that love better is welcome.

That's why I was supremely intrigued by the creation of UK-based designer Josh Renouf's coffee-making alarm clock, the Barisieur. You set the time you want to wake up, and when the alarm goes off, the coffee will already be brewed for you, ready to drink. Seems like a no brainer to me! It's a wonder this didn't happen sooner — I guess big companies haven't seen what a strong-willed coffee addict like myself is willing to do for a cup of joe. Especially a cup that is sitting on my bedside table and smells like heaven. Just imagine it, people — you wake up to the smell of a freshly brewed pot of coffee, ready for consumption within seconds. All you have to do is pour yourself a nice helping on the brown stuff and sit back. I think that is enough of a reason to even consider buying one.

The best part of this invention is the fact that you can now drink coffee in bed before brushing your teeth. I hate mixing the taste of toothpaste in my mouth with coffee. Below are some of the other cool features this invention has.

It's an alarm clock and a coffee maker. For someone like me who enjoys getting the most out of spending my money this is a perfect combination of two things that I need. You just set the timer and wait for the smells to hit you in the morning. My only question is how can I use this machine when I'm not sleeping?

According to the creator's website, this invention uses “stainless steel ball bearings that boil the water through induction heating," which sounds super fancy. I like this as a process for making coffee. I feel like it will give the coffee a better taste. In the same way that boiled-over-the-stove coffee tastes just a little better than the drip coffee from a machine on your counter. I didn't make the rules people, I just play the game.

It even comes with adorable compartments for your essentials. Sugar and more ground coffee. Is it just me, or do those tiny drawers just make the whole things so much more useful? I want one in my house, and by my bed as soon as humanly possible. According to his site, it's still in its design phases, but will hopefully hit the market soon at a retail value somewhere around $300 — so starting saving up, coffee addicts.

Images: Josh Renouf Designs