Are James Kennedy & Lisa Vanderpump Related? He Does Come From Impressive Roots

My, how things can instantly change in the world of Vanderpump Rules. One day you can be a busboy who barely gets any screen time and the next, you are a pivotal piece of an entire season's plot, throwing a record into the air in slow motion during the opening credits. On Vanderpump Rules, James Kennedy is a true pioneer who paved that road with oversized tank tops and Beemer selfies. Now that he is one of the big shots around SUR, people want to know more about him and his razor sharp cheek bones. One question that keeps getting asked regards his relationship with the queen of SUR. So, is James related to Lisa Vanderpump?

Well, the simple answer to that is no. There is zero known relation between James and Lisa. According to past episodes, his parents are friendly with the Vanderpumps and managed to finagle him a job working for Lisa. It's also well documented on the show that he is very close friends with Lisa's son, Max. Of course, just because they're not related that doesn't mean James and Lisa don't have a bond of their own. James clearly looks to Lisa for approval and respects her immensely, while Lisa is constantly trying to steer him in the right direction.

And though James isn't a Vanderpump, he does come from a very impressive family. Here's what you should know about the Vanderpump Rules star's background.

His Father Is Super Famous

James comes from some pretty well established musical pedigree. His father is Andros Georgioum a record exec who, according to Bravo, worked alongside George Michael to create and manage Aegean Records. It seems James knew the biz from an early age.

George Michael Is His Godfather

On a recent episode of Vanderpump Rules James talked about his famous father and mentioned that George Michael is actually his godfather. Yes, that's the George Michael from Wham!

His Mother Was A Model & Is Still An Actress

James really does come from some pretty impressive genes. His mother is Jackie Georgiou, who used to be a successful model with Elite Models and is currently acting. According to her IMDB, she has recently had roles in The Purge: Anarchy and Ray Donovan.

He Has Lived Around The World

According to Heavy, James grew up and lived in London for 14 years. His parents then moved the family to Ibiza, Spain for two years before finally settling in the United States. That's a lot of world to live in.

James may not be related to Queen Lisa but he has some pretty awesome roots. Now that he has toned down his villain vibes on Vanderpump Rules Season 4, maybe he can start focusing on the music career that he seems destined to have.