How Did The Cast of 'Vanderpump Rules' Get Hired at SUR? Does Giggy Administer Aptitude Tests?

Imagining a time before the waitstaff of SUR knew each other is akin to conjuring up an image of the universe before the Big Bang: It's difficult to conceptualize both of these realities. But consider this: all these people were at one point hirable. At one time, not so long ago, each one of these players in the grand comedy of errors that is Vanderpump Rules were once mere trainees in the SUR-bian wilderness. So how did the Vanderpump cast get hired?

Let's go back to a time before when Jax Taylor, Stassi Schroeder, and Kristen Doute were personalities and were just model/actors looking to make some extra cash. Here's how all of our friends, from SUR OG Kristen Doute to lowly busser James Kennedy got hired at SUR.

Stassi Schroeder

Schroeder began her SUR-reer as a restaurant regular in her college days. “When I was still in school, I had a few friends who worked there, so I would spend my weekend nights coming in for drinks to pay them visits,” In 2010, Stassi figured it made perfect sense for her to apply for a job at her virtual second home, “After a while I realized that I was coming there so much that I may as well start working there, and voila!” And so, history was made.

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Jax Taylor

When his modeling career went through a bit of a dry spell, Jax found himself in need of some extra cash. Enter Stassi, who helped out her beau/roommate (at the time) by getting him a bartending job at her place of employment, SUR. And we all know how great that turned out, right?

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Tom Sandoval

Sandoval has been an instrumental liquor alchemist in the Vanderpump/ Todd restaurant group for a while. He began bartending at Villa Blanca the day it opened, and claims to have helped create the restaurant’s cocktail list. In an interview with Bravo TV, he said that he took his job initially at SUR to make some extra cash and mix things up a bit. ”I started working at SUR last year for a change of pace and to pick up extra shifts.” Next thing he knew, he was a Bravolebrity.

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Kristen Doute

As the resident SUR OG, Doute’s tenure as a sexy, unique server began back in 2007. As she remembers, she was looking for some steady money between acting gigs. ”My first agent in LA told me about Sur and introduced me to Guillermo.” she told BravoTV, “This was when we had all of 12 employees and no liquor license.”

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Katie Maloney

As the told Bravo, Katie’s interest in SUR began when she dropped by the restaurant for dinner with her friends. Thinking it was a fun place to be, she naturally saw herself working here. She remembers, “I brought my résumé in the next day and the rest is history!”

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Scheana Marie

When the show premiered in 2013, Schaena was the new kid at SUR fresh off the Villa Blanca boat. Just like Tom, picking up some extra shifts was her game in the beginning. As Schaena recalls, “Lisa thought I was a good fit there” so she ultimately became part of the team.

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Ariana Madix

Ariana is yet another Villa Blanca expat who transitioned over to SUR gradually. Four years ago, Madix began bartending at Vanderpump’s first restaurant, where she formed friendships with Tom and Schaena. “When I was moved to Sur,” she tells Celebeat, “it was much easier to be around the cameras than to avoid my closest friends.”Little did she know, she’d also be unable to avoid her closest ENEMIES! DUN, DUN, DUN!!

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Peter Madrigal

Smoldering king of the roost Peter began working at SUR in 2008 when Lisa hired him without any experience, even though there seemed to be no personal connection. Additional specifics aren’t available, but I’m guessing his slightly unsettling level of attractiveness had everything to do with him landing this gig.

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James Kennedy

As we found out from last week’s episode, Lisa hired James as a favor to his mother. While Kennedy had purportedly been telling his peers that he was a “family friend” of Lisa’s, queen Pump later shot holes through that story, revealing she barely knew the woman. So, in a nutshell, James’ mom made her son a TV personality by badgering a TV personality until she relented.

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