Kylie Jenner Is Back With A New Lip Kit Shade

by Augusta Statz

This girl truly is unstoppable. Just when you were settling in to the fact her lip kits would become more regularly available, she has to go and give you all the more reason to get super excited for her next launch. Yes, that’s right — she may have just debuted a new shade. When will Kylie Jenner’s latest Lip Kit color be available? Well, she hasn’t announced it for sure, but I’m thinking it’ll be soon.

The Kylie Cosmetics Instagram account updated soon after the last product launch, assuring us all that the restocked items should be available soon. It’s been a week since that info was released, but maybe that’s because Jenner had this new shade in the works. Jenner’s friend Jordyn Woods debuted the shade at the Vera Wang fashion show, and by the looks of it, this orange-y hue is perfect for springtime. It’s different from anything in the lip kit color scheme so far, which means the next lippie launch will be better than ever.

If you thought six shades to choose from made the decision hard enough, just wait until there’s seven colors to contemplate! Good luck picking your favorite, because no matter what hue you normally gravitate towards, I guarantee there’s a Kylie Lip Kit for you.

Here's yet another covetable color.

As if these weren't already enough.

Just another shade to add to the list of must-haves. Jenner strikes again with her fierce lip kit production.

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