Ronda Rousey Reveals Her Dark Mindset Post Holly Holm Fight & Her Honesty Will No Doubt Help Others

When you're at the top of your game professionally, as Ronda Rousey was when she competed against Holly Holm in the bantamweight championship fight at UFC 193, it's obvious why losing can feel like such a failure. After all, the higher you are, the harder it can feel to fall. At the time of the loss, Rousey was quite literally the best UFC fighter in the world, even called the Best Female Athlete Ever by ESPN. Getting to that caliber of success is no accident: Rousey worked hard to accrue those titles and secure her spot among MMA heavyweight champions. So when she lost her bantamweight championship title to Holm in November, it's not surprising she'd be pretty bummed out, to say the least. But Rousey just revealed a surprising confession about her state of mind after losing the title, and it's quite startling.

In her first post-fight interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Rousey speaks candidly about how she really felt in the comedown after her loss to Holm. When DeGeneres asked Rousey about how she felt, the athlete got emotional and revealed:

Of course, even with the loss, Rousey is still celebrated for all of her talent and determination both in the ring and outside of it, so it's hard to hear that she struggled with such painful thoughts in the immediate aftermath of the fight. But DeGeneres puts a positive spin on it, telling Rousey,

Rousey began dating her boyfriend, fellow UFC fighter Travis Browne, last summer, and he had nothing but sweet things to say about her in an October interview on  The MMA Hour . He said,

Rousey's courageous admission about such tough time is what the world needs to hear, if only to make someone else going through a similar struggle feel a little less alone. Her career is obviously one of the reasons people pay attention to her, but it's her ability to keep it real and speak honestly with her fans that makes her such a great role model for anyone, not just MMA fans. Losing a championship like that would be hard for any professional athlete to handle, but Rousey's spirit is what makes her so inspiring.

UFC President Dana White came to Rousey's defense in the wake of her confession, telling TMZ Sports, "Trust me, she's good right now and in a great place. Winners don't like to lose." He also added that she's "amazing in every single way" and that he's "never worked with an athlete like her."

With all that support behind her, I can only hope Rousey knows just how loved and respected she is.