Woman Snapchats Her Invisible Boyfriend On V-Day

While many people were not particularly enjoying being single this year, one woman documented Valentine's Day with her invisible Snapchat boyfriend and appeared to have had a lovely time. Originally documented on Imgur by user LilMsSliceNDice, her story involved waking up with her beloved man-crush and ending the day on a tragic note that left our hearts broken. If that's not a perfect Snapchat narrative worthy of an Emmy, then I don't know what is.

There were true ups and true downs. I felt the connection and love between her and her significant other. I didn't even care that he was two dimensional and existed only on her phone. This woman's story made him flesh and blood to us — emotionally of course. Well, stick figure or not, there is a lesson to be learned from this short-lived romance. It's OK to be single, ladies! Why put up with drama when you can just draw your own perfect bae on a phone screen? Sure, they can't wrap his arms around you, but they also can't miss your graduation because of their insistent need to wait until the last minute to leave the house. Honestly, in those moments, having an invisible bae is for the best.

All joking aside though, being single around holidays that glorify relationships can be tough. But only if you choose to give into those emotions. Just remember that you are your own person and that a relationship doesn't define you. If you are lucky enough to have a significant other, I applaud you. Until I get one of those for myself, I'll just sit here with my stick-figured Snapchat boyfriend named Mark and enjoy this woman's Valentine's day story.

It starts off pretty simple. Just a guy and girl on a date. Apparently, this boyfriend here is into surprises.

The mystery date ends up being a lovely trip to the coffee shop. It's cute romantic and full of possibility. If a man gets me a cup of coffee and some good conversation we can be done with Valentine's Day right after. Apparently this trip was too intimate for the couple, though, because the boyfriend started to run ahead and across the street.

This is both very playful and at the same time — super dangerous.

We found out the hard way that I was right. A car hits our protagonist square across the body and drives off without stopping. His girlfriend is forced to carry his damaged body to the nearest location.

He does not make it.

Feel free to cry. This is a romantic story worthy of your tears. If only he didn't run across that street! They could have been going to get coffee for Valentine's Day dates every year! Alas, we will never get to see this happen IRL. Instead of being very sad about this story, I choose to focus on my Snapchat boyfriend named Mark. Mark is wonderful. This Valentine's Day, Mark decided to strip for me.

Thanks Mark, you're the real MVP.

Images: Snapchat/LilMsSliceNDice (5), Snapchat/Dasha Fayvinova (1)