Ashley Graham Has Some Great Advice For Women

When it comes to body positivity and being a role model, this woman is on a winning streak. One of the latest Sports Illustrated cover models took to Twitter to discuss her shoot, as well as answer fan questions. Ashley Graham shared one very important piece of advice when asked, “What would you tell to all the teenager girls?” Her words of wisdom were empowering, but what else would you expect? You better believe that when you #AskAshley anything, you’re going to get an incredible answer!

While the questions ranged from anything like “What’s your favorite TV series?” (which she answered with the amazing response of Law and Order: SVU, by the way) to questions about modeling and body positivity, Graham had a lot to share with her fans. When asked to give advice to teenage girls, she answered with rules that women should live by saying, “Stop comparing yourself to other girls and other women. Be your own self. Be a trailblazer…” And if that type of attitude doesn’t make for one confident woman, then I don’t know what does.

Check out this video, which was definitely the most important takeaway from Graham’s Twitter conversation. Because while it’s great to know that she loves The Weeknd, it’s more valuable to hear that she has encouraging words to help women — and everyone, really — love themselves a little more.

A short video helped her express advice that was worthy of so much more than just 140 characters.

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This woman definitely knows a thing or two about being a trailblazer.

It's one thing to talk the talk, but Graham is also walking the walk — and with each step, she's taking one heck of a body positive journey. She's an embodiment of a confident woman, and that's what makes her words pack even more of a punch.

And it's also helped her reach major role model status.

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