A Sequel To 'The Witch' Could Be Scary Good

So, the horror film The Witch is terrifying. Like, you won't want to watch it alone. Originally premiering at Sundance in 2015, the movie was picked up for domestic distribution by A24 Films and is in theaters Feb 19. There's been a lot of buzz surrounding the movie, which begs the question: will there be a The Witch sequel? It may be too soon to tell, but there are a bunch of things to consider.

On the one hand, there haven't been any murmurs of plans for a The Witch 2, and the first film has yet to prove its ability to bring home the bacon via the box office. On the other hand, The Witch did very well at Sundance, so it's not unlikely that it would turn out to be a commercial success (which is great incentive for potential investors for a sequel). Additionally, without giving away any spoilers, I will say that the ending of the first film doesn't negate the possibility of a continuation of the story. And finally, since none of the cast members are huge stars yet, they most likely aren't already booked for the next 10 years or contractually bound to a series of blockbusters. So, a sequel to The Witch isn't out of the question. In line with that thought, here are some other awesome witch movies that could have great sequels, and a few ideas about what those sequels could entail...

The Witches

This film adaptation of the Roald Dahl book was creepy AF, and I have an idea for a sequel that could be equally creepy: all the bratty kids who disappeared in Willy Wonka's factory end up in the witches' custody. It would be a perfect storm.

The Blair Witch Project

Actually, there already was a Blair Witch 2, but I think we'd all do better to forget it. This Blair Witch sequel for the 2010s could go back to the POV camerawork by being shot entirely on selfie mode on an iPhone. The Witch could send vaguely threatening Snapchats. The climax could be when the main character's phone is about to die but the only chargers available are for an iPhone 4. Ya know, the true stuff of nightmares.

Practical Magic

Idea for sequel: the Owens sisters can no longer afford the property taxes on their gorgeous family manse and take off across the country to find a place where witches are welcomed. They end up being the latest recruits under the supervision of new Supreme Cordelia at Miss Robichaux's Academy. American Horror Story: Coven is subsequently resurrected for another season, allowing AHS viewers to take a break from memorizing a new set of characters every damn season. #Synergy

Hocus Pocus

Although Bette Midler crushed a million hearts when she gave an "unequivocal no" to the possibility of a Hocus Pocus 2, I'm still holding out. I don't even care what the plot is. Just take my money already, Bette.

If none of these sequels ever get made, it'll be a damn shame. But that doesn't mean you should give up hope for a The Witch 2. However, you should probably go see the The Witch first to make sure that you can even mentally handle the idea of a sequel to this terrifying flick.

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