Why Nick Carter Was Always The Hotter Carter Brother (Sorry, Aaron!)

I don’t mean to cause family drama or to drive a wedge between two brothers who clearly love each other, but it has to be said: When it comes to the Carter brothers — Nick and Aaron — Nick Carter has always been and will always be the hotter brother. Now hear me out, because I know that staking this claim will be reason enough for people to be up in arms, wanting to come at me with their signs and pitchforks. But I have good reason for making this declaration of allegiance. Plus, there’s no ill will behind it. I love both brothers for their lovely blonde locks, their fabulous blue eyes, and their amazing contributions to pop music. Both played huge parts in my musical upbringing, and I can objectively appreciate them both for it.

But, when it comes to hotness, a line has to be drawn, my friends. Two brothers can’t be equally hot. It’s science or something. One has to be hotter than the other, at least objectively. So, when it comes to the Carter brothers, I have to take sides: Nick Carter, for me, has always been the hotter brother. But I have good reason to say that. I’m not just making claims here without a little information to back them up. I do have my reasons for thinking that Nick is the hotter brother, and I have a feeling that, once you hear them, even the most vehement Aaron Carter fan will have to kinda sorta agree.

1. He Was The OG Carter

Aaron may have come onto the scene in a big way in the late ‘90s, but Nick was always the original.

2. He’s A Man

I don’t mean anything by this other than the fact that, in my mind, Nick Carter is a man. Aaron Carter, no matter how much he grows up, will always be a kid. This probably has something to do with how old they were when they both got their start.

3. He’s So Committed

That was the one thing that Sharna always said about Nick on Dancing with the Stars: When he commits to a dance, he commits to a dance. What’s not to love about a guy who goes hard or goes home with everything that he does?

4. He's Still Killing It, Career-Wise

With his recent single “19 in ‘99” climbing the charts, Nick is rocking a serious career comeback that makes him so much hotter in my book.

5. He Loves And Is Devoted To His Wife

There is nothing hotter in the world than a man who loves his wife. Hands down.

6. He Can Seriously Dance

He may not have taken home the mirror ball trophy on Dancing with the Stars, but in my opinion he totally deserved it. #TeamSharnick all the way.

7. Because Nobody Does A #TBT Like Nick

His past does not embarrass him. Instead, the star embraces it on social media, posting pics from his boy band days and inviting his old band members to star in his music video. Gotta love a man who knows who he is and isn’t ashamed of it.

Apologies ahead of time to the Carter family if this causes a rift. You both are wonderful. Really.