Where To Buy Tutublue From 'Shark Tank' So You Can Protect Yourself From The Sun In Style

It may not feel like it or look like it outside, but believe it or not, spring is just around the corner. Of course, with spring comes spring break, and any impending spring break trip usually calls for at least one swimsuit shopping trip. But as you try to decide between a bikini and a one piece this season, you might want to throw in the practically full-body swimwear from Tutublue, which is available now and will be making an appearance on Friday night's upcoming episode of Shark Tank .

At first glance, Tutublue's apparel just looks like a bunch of wetsuits that you can get at any old surf shop. However, there's a lot more to the company's products than that, so much so that even landlubbers should give them a try. Let's just say if you're an active person who hangs outside in the sun a lot, you should probably check out what Tutublue has to offer.

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Tutublue seems to be on the smaller side compared to the companies that have been featured on Shark Tank in recent seasons, which I am really excited about. Before Shark Tank became the hit ABC reality series it is today, it used to really be a launching pad for small companies that needed the exposure. I'm glad to see that Shark Tank can still give companies a platform to tell the world about their big ideas, and I am eager to see what the show does, if anything, for Tutublue. However, it's still a good idea for everyone to get to know a bit about Tutublue, regardless of how it does in the Tank.

Tutublue Sells Swimwear...

Click Here To Shop The Tutublue Collection.

Don't let the name of this company fool you; Tutublue doesn't sell ballet or any other type of dance apparel, for that matter. It sells long and short suits and leggings that can be worn in the water as you swim, surf, and do whatever else you can do when you're wet. However, Tutublue's suits look so comfy and stretchy, I don't see why you couldn't bust a move in them, too.

...But It's Not Just For The Water

However, that brings me to my next point. The apparel Tutublue manufactures is actually called activewear, so you could technically wear it while you're doing anything, er, active. Don't believe me? Well, just play the above video, and you'll see the company's founder Sarah Buxton wearing her Tutublue suits in the water, but you'll also see her performing drier activities like running on the beach and riding a bike. You could pretty much never take off your Tutublue suit if you wanted to, although totally don't do that because that would be gross.

It's About So Much More Than Clothing

Sure, you can do just about anything in Tutublue's clothing, and the suits come in a wide variety of whimsical styles (my personal favorite is the Galaxy Long Beach Suit), but this company is about a lot more than just fashion and fitness. This activewear comes with UPF50 and helps protect your skin from the sun, which, as you probably know, is extremely important for your health. It was actually Buxton's own personal skin cancer scare that inspired her to create this company. “I was struck one day with this idea to make a suit where I could enjoy the outdoors on my terms," Buxton wrote on Tutublue's website. "I didn’t want to hide in the shade and I couldn’t rely on sunscreens which are greasy and continually need to be re-applied.” The company says that the fabric of its clothing blocks 97 percent of UV rays from the sun, which would probably come in handy if you're one of those people that's often out frolicking outside all day.

The Founder May Be A Familiar Face

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Shark Tank won't be Buxton's first time on TV. In fact, she's an actress that has popped up quite a bit on TV over the years, most notably in soaps like Sunset Beach, Days of Our Lives, and The Bold and the Beautiful. She's also married to actor Shane Brolly, who is best known for playing Kraven in the Underworld movie franchise. However, she's not to be confused with the country singer-songwriter Sarah Buxton. It makes you kind of curious about what the other Sarah Buxton would bring into the Tank, doesn't it?.

Tutublue's Products Can Be Yours Now

If you don't think you can ever hit the beach again without wearing a Tutublue suit, you're in luck. You can purchase the company's wares through its official online store. You can also find Tutublue products in stores in Laguna Beach, California and Miami Beach, Florida, if you happen to be in those areas. And if you're a surfer or even just an active person, it's likely you'll find yourself in those places someday.

Tutublue Has Plenty In Store For The Future

Sun-protective activewear is only the beginning for Tutublue. The company also has "a 'lifeguard' inspired trunk line" in the works, and it's "consulting with International shark experts and professional surfers on fabric designs that will help act as a (real) shark deterrent in the ocean," according to one of Tutublue's recent Facebook posts.

But, of course, Tutublue is going to want to attract Sharks when it's in the Tank on Friday. With all that the company offers and as long as its business affairs are in order, I think it has a good shot.

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