Did Zoom Kill Jay Garrick On 'The Flash'? He May Have A Bigger Plan In Store

Man, Jay Garrick can't catch a damn break, can he? And, for that matter, apparently neither can Caitlin Snow. What gives, The Flash?! What goes on?! Can't either of them be happy? Can't either of them have a moment of peace? Can someone just not seemingly die in Caitlin's direct orbit for one whole episode? Phew. I'm sorry. Let's get back to the issue at hand. Zoom took Jay and back to Earth-2 on The Flash, grabbing him before the portal closed. And, when I say grabbing, I mean through his chest. So... that can't be good.

I have a few questions about Zoom being a real relationship-ruiner for Caitlin and Jay, but first, let's focus on some of the other things that happened to Jay before he was Speedster-napped by an Earth-2 madman that scares the bejeezus out of me. Caitlin created Velocity 9 and Jay got to save Central City! It was great seeing Jay not only get his speed back (albeit temporarily) but his confidence too. When he saved those people he looked totally jazzed. That could also be partly due to the fact that Velocity 9 was making him feel better in general. And, by feel better, I mean less dead. Because Velocity 9 regenerates his cells that pre-injection, were degenerating steadily. Of course, the cherry on top of Jay's great day was probably the fact that he and Caitlin smooched.

While everything seemed to be coming up Jay, obviously that wasn't the case. In fact, in retrospect, it almost seems as if The Flash was giving him a final sweet sendoff. I mean, he kind of checked off everything on his bucket list, didn't he? I know, I know, I shouldn't think like that, but I can't deny just how bad it looked (and probably is) that Zoom not only took him, but seemingly reached through his heart and possibly murdered him in the process.

So, is Jay dead? I don't know for sure. But, there definitely is hope. While Zoom's suckerpunch looked damning, what use would he have with Jay's dead body on Earth-2? Why wouldn't he leave Jay there as a reminder to the Earth-1 crew of his omnipotence? Zoom is a lot of things, but he isn't dumb. And, as he told Barry earlier in the episode (foreshadowing!), he doesn't do anything by accident. I have a feeling we'll see Jay again on The Flash. I just wonder what Zoom wants with a mostly defunct Speedster.

Image: Cate Cameron/The CW