Will Jack Thompson Betray 'Agent Carter'? His Association With Vernon Masters Is Not Going To End Well

Chad Michael Murray's character on Agent Carter was never exactly nice, but I'm starting to worry that his ambition will get the better of him and steer him in a dangerous direction. Will Jack Thompson betray Peggy on Agent Carter ? He has become Vernon Masters' right hand man, and that is a very bad sign.

According to the official ABC press release for one of next week's two episodes, "A Little Song And Dance," while Peggy is off trying to rescue Jason from the Council of Nine, "Thompson makes a surprising move that could destroy them all." Please tell me he's not about to become Hydra's newest recruit. I can't deal with another Ward right now, or ever.

Because Vernon Masters is clearly Hydra, right? He's involved with the Arena Club/Council of Nine, aware of what Whitney Frost's powers are, and slowly trying to push Peggy out of the SSR. This dude is up to no good. I'm convinced he sent those masked men to beat up Daniel Sousa in his home and put him out of commission, too.

We know that Thompson desperately wants to be in control and to be respected at the SSR. He's also scared that Peggy will reveal his secret. Remember last season, when he came clean about accidentally killing Japanese soldiers who had come to surrender and covering up the evidence? He's not the best guy, but he is a good man. I don't want to see him turn to Hydra just because they give him praise and attention. Plus, I got the feeling that he really just wants his coworkers to be his friends. The way he kept insisting on taking Sousa out to celebrate his engagement (RIP Sousa's brief engagement) made me believe he's a little bit lonely. Hopefully before Agent Carter Season 2 ends, Thompson has found his way back to the light.

Image: Kelsey McNeal/ABC