Is 'Formation' Going To Be On Beyonce's Album? The Single Could Be A One-Off

Remember the good ol' days when recording artists would release their songs expectedly? Yeah, me neither. It's not that I don't love me a musical surprise, because I sure do. It's just that the magical, unexpected release of a song does cause a certain amount of confusion. Like, is it a one off? Are there more songs to follow? Was this the prologue to an album? Are you just teasing us? What gives? All right, I'll stop beating around the bush. What I'm getting at here is, is "Formation" going to be on Beyonce's album? Because I can'tt be the only person wondering this.

Since I am naturally curious (nosy) by nature, I decided that I'd do the leg work for the lot of us. From the looks of it, "Formation" definitely appears to be a part of a greater whole. Meaning that, yes, from what we know about Bey's new music at this point, it does appear that "Formation" will be on her new album. Why do I say that? Well, despite a lack of specifics because Queen Bey is always wonderfully mysterious, there are some important clues she's given us.

So, here's what I've come up with from my internet excavation. Bey is going on a Formation tour. So, while that not only signifies an album release, it pretty much confirms that the song, "Formation" will be included on said album. In fact, Bustle has previously surmised that "Formation" will actually be the very title of the album because of the tour and because Bey has named her tours after her albums previously. While it's not a hard and fast rule, you can't argue that there is a definite correlation.

Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on YouTube

Other factors that provide further proof "Formation" will be on Bey's album? Well as Billboard reported via Watch What Happens Live , Bey's stylist Ty Hunter said, "I've heard the new album and it's beyond awesome. It's great." And, Andy Cohen asked him this after they were discussing the singer's outfit and the outfits of her dancers at the Super Bowl where they performed, you guessed it, "Formation." Why would there be that effortless segue into that if "Formation" weren't included? And, why would Hunter admit to hearing the album if "Formation" was truly a one off? Friends, from what I've dug up so far, it looks like "Formation" will, in fact, be on Bey's new album.